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DAR Sports: An Ode To Kobe Bryant

By Vaughn Resper January 26, 2020 will forever be a day that you will remember where you were when you received the painful news. This is the day that we lost not only a basketball icon, but a cultural icon. I had just gotten out of church and took a nap when I got the call about his death. When my sister told me about it, I thought it was one of those terrible internet hoaxes where people make up news about someone's death. I thought the Internet made up a sick joke about Kobe being dead so that he could come back and say "I'm still here!". Sadly, that never happened as I checked Google to confirm the truth. Come to find out, this was the sad reality as multiple reports from TMZ, ABC News and others showed up as my results. Then, I went to Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, etc) to find my world crashing down. The most painful words that I could read were true (Kobe Bean Bryant, dead at the age of 41. 1978-2020). There have been deaths that hit very hard before (Micha

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