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The Rise And Return Of The Golden State Warriors

 By True God Familiarity in sports and chemistry is something that cannot be ignored. While this era promotes much more player movement and roster changes, the point still stands that building chemistry and familiarity amongst teams can still work. For the NBA, all the love of the draft got seemingly wiped out at the top due to the reliance on the dreaded "Super Team" wave that had shackled the league for the better part of the last 15 years. Since we saw the making of the Boston Big 3 in the 2007-08 season, superstars and All Stars have teamed up vying for the goal of winning a championship.... and making their path a little easier. One team that did benefit from this would be the Golden State Warriors, as they added the incomparable Kevin Durant to their roster in 2016 after going to back to back Finals and nearly winning both. For many, this seemed unfair, even if it made perfect sense for both parties involved. To that point, there may have been some truth, as Durant in t

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