Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don: An Examination and Winner?

January 26, 2014. Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don. Harlem vs Queens. Battle of NY in some ways. This is not a look into both rappers's past battles or history. This is merely an examination and a look into the battle. This battle has been debated heavily over the last 2 weeks, and I wanted to provide my interpretation of it. Without further adieu, let's get into it.

Round 1
Loaded Lux, known as the king of battle rapping in many circles, starts off first. Lux, came decked out in Black Panther apparel, with an entire ensemble of "Black Panther" soldiers behind him. As usual, Lux comes out swinging and here are some highlights of his first round:

"I'm talking to a dead man at his wake/ this is an interview with a vampire, he don't know that, High Stakes/"

"Data for this match up, you probably was running to/ it just... it just ain't the same back up when it's front of you/ nigga"

"Soldiers, for the glory, who do we put in our moments/ well it's a fight in the ring, I can't picture Da Don, King, but he good for promotions/"

"You baggage, a lot of trouble in the veins/ I heard you and Drake was tight, turns out ya munching off the name/ pictures of ya'll at dinner, he showed the public that he came/ well, he put it in his albums too, said Thank Me Later, Take Care, then NOTHING WAS THE SAME/"

These were just some of the strongest lines from Lux in the first round. Lux's energy, his delivery(as always) was superb. Hollow, not one to be outdone, came out with some heat of his own in the first round.

"I said damn, taking all this time, you done hurt these fans/ I guess it take a long time to put on that Hell's Angels jacket and them Eddie Murphy pants/" 

"It's a whole bunch of You Gon Get This Work, and quiet down/ it's a circus act, just to see this clown go through a fire round/"

"I'll come to a shrine/ guzzling wine/ juggling mine/ I'm so far ahead and above with my time/ I can rebuttal your line/ before you come up with the line/"

Now, at the conclusion of Round 1, I found myself going back and watching it over and over again(I've watched this battle probably 30 times since it happened) and when looking at the overall impact of the lines and the substance, found myself leaning towards Lux in this round. Here's why: Hollow, while extremely impressive, didn't connect as much, and some of his lines fell flat. He spoke directly to Lux's style, which was good, but there was almost a bit of overkill in certain spots. The knock I had on the whole "Hospital Bed" couplet that Hollow presented is that his typical gun talk almost fell into that category. Granted, I got his point, but in order to point one's flaws and effectively connect, you'd have to be able to present lines with more substance through the round, which I don't believe Hollow did. Lux's first round was executed very well, and as close as round 1 was, I gave it to Lux.

Round 1 Winner: Loaded Lux 

Round 2:
Lux starts off the round of course, and here are some of his best lines.

"All that static on the set, that's the same wire hanger on the antenna/ and why it always take a black mother banging on the box for you niggas to get the picture/"

"You from a borough where LL was the battle MC to crush/ as if Nasty wasn't enough/ could you be the one that Run DMC left they last Adidas to run up the ave needed a clutch/ you a sad scene in the clutch/ nigga, RuPaul couldn't Drag Queens this much/"

"Next time you rap about my age/ you tell them who the most talked about battle rapper of this age/ the guy that do the autopsies on the stage/ I get to breaking down a rapper, I bet you ain't had a book since Spades/ but I'm reading you nigga"

"Actors ain't seen a star brighter/ car lighters don't go in like this hard fighter/ punch for punch, I never show no weak hand but I off writers/"

"You gon get this work, til you fired... in a furnace/ Calicoe got a casket for free, you gon earn/urn it/" 

Now, what's hard to understand here is if Loaded STOPPED his round early, or if he ran out of time. It's hard to hear on the replay if he ran out of time or stopped his round early, BUT whatever the case, Hollow was up next, and he came with what I feel was his best round in the whole battle. Here are some of Hollow's best lines.

"He said it's about 50 CCs of Vicodin in his writing pen/ but if Vicodin's a pill and CC's liquid, what are you writing then?/"

"My bars give you that "mmm I just shitted face"/ his bars give you that "hmmm.... I think I get it face"/"

"Dear Lux, we fuck with your energy/ but the way you cram your bars to some fans is frustrating mentally/  slow down, it ain't all about the punch and your memory/ I mean, we like the way you structure your similes/ but sometimes you run through them literally/ we fuck with your energy/ but we question ability/ oh, what I'm trying to tell you?, P.S., don't rush your delivery/"

While in this round, Lux had more one-liners, Hollow connected just a little bit harder. Hollow, went on the attack, going after Lux's style, similar to what he did in the first round, but this round worked a little better. Hollow's points about Lux's rushed delivery, and some of his lines not making sense did strike a cord, and I feel as though he took this round. Lux was great, Hollow was great, but in THIS round, Hollow took the W.

Round 2 Winner: Hollow Da Don 

Round 3:
The final round. Lux and Hollow had put on a show so far and both were going in. This 3rd round would prove to be vital, and honestly, just as tough as the first two, if not even tougher. Here's some of Lux's best lines in the 3rd round, which I felt was his best verse, and possibly the best verse of any round.

"But nothing I write, can hit you harder than life... especially one weak for demons/ but you say you straight, in the state of the Saints, we going to see if its New Or leaning/"

"So are you sober nigga? Cause you said you stopped drinking Lean in October/ well that isnt a surprise/ Hollow you picked the month where in the end, every individual lies/  I mean, you can dress it up how you picture it in your mind/ but until Hollow ween off it, he gon always be a nigga in disguise/"

"Your sight's boggled/ your time borrowed/ your life should've been swallowed/ Hollow's Apollo/ the light model/ who fights Drago/ you might wallow/ into depression, dresser full of empty Sprite bottles/"

"Ironically I thought I never blocked out/ that was God with me, when you said follow me into that pharmacy, you get the picture? The Good Farmer sees what needs to be cropped out/"

"I made you the most money that you've ever been gave for a match/ but don't even thank me for that/ I just wanna know why when every leader rise, they use his own kind to put the stake in his back/ what they paid you at Smack/ nigga, they probably paid you in Smack/"

"You make it hard, for people that say what they mean, and mean what they say, cause that's what they mean/ how they going to follow a junkie?, be a fan, not a fiend/ and you, be a nigga from Queens, not a Queen/ MAN UP, cause STAND UP niggas don't lean/"

"How you gon teach business with free shit?, where's the knowledge/ but why should we expect a nigga named Hollow to give us anything solid/"

"You should be banned from a booth/ unless it's surrounded by firing squads, commanded to shoot/ I got plans for the youth/ he trying to Lean on Me, this is Principal Clark battling Samms on the Roof/"

"I should split your shit like divorced parents/ but forget that money shit, I should have Peter pay me in (Paul)Pallbearers/"

This round was methodical. Lux went at Hollow's known personal struggles and issues and gave him lessons, business tips, and almost like a big brother schooling, which does stretch back to Lux's battle and his 3rd round against Calicoe which spoke about "lost niggas" and referenced Calicoe's father. Hollow comes back with his rebuttal to close out the battle and here's the lines that stuck out:

"Now, it's going to be some people trying to prove that you weak/ you remember Menace to Society, O-Dog, he tried to pull shit in beef/ I said I do remember that movie, and we don't wanna hear that bullshit Shareef!!/"

"Let me get up out this church, don't look at me sideways/ even the Usher get knocked out his shoes for getting in My Way/"

"On earth, as it is in Heaven, thou wanna see him slain/ it was written, I'm the chosen one, that's why Hollow be Thy Name/"

"Think about that before you judge a life you never lived/ cause it's easy to develop a large picture, when you focused on the negative/"

Now at the end of Round 3, it can be heard that some fans were chanting Hollow's name. While Hollow's 3rd round was good, and attempted to answer some of Lux's lines, it just fell flat to me. He brought Calicoe's father out, which was a nice prop to have, but only made Lux's point seem more true, when he got on the stage and in Lux's face throwing gang signs and talking shit. Granted, I can't speak on Calicoe's father without knowing his origin, but on the surface, it would almost seem that Hollow bringing him on stage only further Lux's cause of "I hate you lost niggas". Hollow attempted to dissect Lux's image of being holier than thou, which can understandably get a little annoying, but I feel Hollow fell flat outside of a few lines. The "Hollow Be Thy Name" line was sick, and so was the Menace to Society reference, but when comparing the 3rd rounds from both rappers, Lux got this one pretty decisively in my book.

Round 3 Winner: Loaded Lux 

This battle will be debated for a long time to come, and while some have said Lux won(like myself), and some have said Hollow won, it's all about how you interpreted the battle. Is this battle the best of all time? That remains to be seen, but I will go on the record and say that it's one of the best I've seen in a long time. Hollow held his own when most people expected Lux to give him the business and then some. Lux did his thing, and had some amazing lines, and with his delivery, his substance, and innovative punchlines, he took this battle, but not by much. Props to both Hollow and Lux for putting on a dope battle and having the entire battle rap world talking.

Winner of The Battle: Loaded Lux(2-1) over Hollow Da Don



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