TEAMDAR: Aunjel's Truth(Distracted and She vs Me)


We take pride in beginning a team full of talented individuals and having the avenue to help showcase some of those who possess an incredible writing talent. One of those on the team who possesses that is Jelly, Jelly Jel, Bam, Aunjel, Truth, whatever you like to call her(I prefer Jelly Jel but... that's besides the point). Her poems are from a place of honesty and searching for something that's right within her, but the journey is always tougher than perceived. Here is Aunjel's Truth. Enjoy her writings. 



Complexity of imagination

My thoughts a series of exaggeration

That’s the simplicity of what is me

Jelly, Jel, Aunjel

Animated, Abbreviated, always intoxicated

Eccentrically different

A tortured soul

Stuck in-between two worlds

Peace without self control

An awkward fish swimming in opposite directions of the sea

I do but wait maybe I don’t?




Cats are weird



She vs Me

Don’t think I need you

I just want you

Don’t think I love you

I just like you

Don’t think you’re the only one

I have two just like you

But its not a game I play

Just two sides to this rocky sea

Theres ME  and then theres SHE

Sweet innocent ME

Give you breakfast in bed while ME serves you head

Roll your blunt, shine your shoes, make your lunch

Follow all your rules

Love you on the cool



Like you then Fuck you

Use you then Curse you

Run you Until you abuse her

Hurt her and curse her

Fuck her then leave her

SHE is dug deep down in ME

Constantly running from the man desperately trying to claw out of ME

SHE vs ME Running from HE




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