TEAMDAR: The REvolution


This is just a simple introduction to those unfamiliar with TEAMDAR and their mission. The origin of TEAMDAR dates back to 2004, when it was transferred from the lesser name of "Street Mafia" to D.A.R.(Dreams Are Reality). From the beginning, the idea was to promote revolution, out of the box thinking, and create dialogue about issues that sometimes get swept under the rug. That was the mission when I began doing music seriously and releasing albums. I wanted to hit people hard with real issues, heavy topics, and lyrical ability. The same could be said for all the other artists who work with TEAMDAR or are a part of the team. That same passion and drive led us to start up the growing radio show, TEAMDAR Radio.

The radio show, which has covered topics from sex, racism, sports, and more, will provide the platform for everyone with a voice to be heard. You can catch the show at

Also, check out TEAMDAR merchandise and the radio show T-Shirts at the following links

Check out the TEAMDAR leader's TrueGodImmortal and capo Speed on The Beat's albums at

Stay tuned for more TEAMDAR developments and projects, as well as blogs from the members of the team and be sure to NOT miss the radio show every Tuesday night at 11PM EST.



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