Black Is Beautiful: Why I'll Always Love Black Women

Before I get into my post here, I'd like to start off first by giving your eyes a treat with some pictures of beautiful black women...... thank me later.

Alright. Now, let's get to the matter at hand, shall we?

There is always a lot of talk via social networks on the concept of race in dating. Interracial dating seems to be at its most popular, and I don't necessarily have an issue with it, however, I will not be the biggest advocate for it. I've spent time with white women and I've enjoyed my share of white women physically, but on a mental level and connection? It's just never been there. I find myself bored and quite out of place with them, to be honest. There's always something missing. Something I've never truly been able to put my finger on, but it is. The same can be said with my situations with Asian women as well. I've enjoyed my time with them, but it's still something missing(despite part of my heritage being Asian). Latina women? I definitely love those ladies, and enjoy my time as well, but it's still.... slightly something missing. I've noticed(and I've been guilty of this myself) on social networks that black women slander has become the "in-thing". I've refused to take part in it for a number of reasons: the woman that gave birth to me, my mother is a black woman. She's the most vital part of my existence and why I'm here today. My daughter, is a beautiful black girl, who will grow to be an amazing black queen. The mother of my child, the woman who I spent 8 years around, is a black woman. For me to slander black women in general would be a shot at all of them as well in some way. I feel that the black woman has always been undervalued in modern day society, in a few ways and has never been looked at as the standard for beauty in the media. Which, you know, fuck the media and their perception of beauty, because it's always been skewed. The standard of beauty in society usually starts with an over-hyped white woman that's petite in frame, and as plain as ever. While some of the women that the media and a large section of America touts as beautiful, are actually attractive, I direct you to the top of this post, which should very well help you see what amazing beauty looks like. You'll see Beyonce and Rihanna usually on the lists of "most beautiful women" but they're pop stars and some of the most recognizable names in pop culture, that's a given. Rarely have I seen Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Sanaa Lathan, Lauren London, and various other beautiful black women on those "taste-maker lists" and you probably never will. Well, that's fine. Allow me to show love to the women who are the nurturers and the queens(while still at times, being a pain in the ass and annoying, but we love ya'll regardless haha).

When I looked at all the things that I felt was missing from the women of other races, I realized the first thing that was interesting: with a black women, there's a certain feel of warmth. A certain level of understanding that comes with them and absolutely makes you feel comfortable. It's something that I'm sure women of other races try to duplicate, and some are probably successful, but with a black woman, it's just something greater. There's no one else in this world who truly has some understanding of the black man, than the black woman. There's no one else in this world who truly has some understanding of the black woman, than the black man. We need each other. Society and its attempts to "progress" will tell you that its acceptable and encouraged to date outside our race, and if you choose to do so, more power to you, I guess. However, the concept of black love, the beauty of it, and the strength when the black man and black woman combine is unstoppable. It is a palpable energy created by two forces that is strong enough to stand the test of time. There's something so beautiful about the aura and essence of the black woman. The way she walks. The way she moves. The way her body and skin glisten naturally. Her taste. Her soft skin against you, the touch of her lips, her kiss, it all just flows together to create something perfect. Her mind, when pushed to the full capacity, is beautiful. The queen's knowledge, wisdom, and mental wealth is something that vastly goes ignored today. However, some of the smartest and strongest women are black women. From book smarts to common sense to just overall ability to understand the way we're wired, the queens are just on a level higher than the others. Whether darkskin, lightskin, or brownskin, you are all beautiful black women..... which leads me to my final point.....

There has been a divide in our communities for years and years over shade/color. Lightskin is better, darkskin is better, brownskin is the best because we're in the middle, etc..... which is all stupid. Black is beautiful. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Whether you are light, dark, or brown, we all fall under that category and we should never be as ignorant to pre-judge or live up to these dumb stereotypes placed on us by our skin's shade/color. That goes for black men and black women. We can't help how our skin looks when we are born, but we can help how we handle ourselves in everyday life. We may all have our preferences of course, and we're entitled to that, but don't be so ignorant to slander or completely close yourself off from a shade of people within YOUR OWN RACE. It's defeating for us as a whole, and possibly part of a larger agenda to keep us divided. Wake up. Appreciate our own. Love our own. Black women, you are beautiful. You don't need to get ass implants, have a hair full of extensions, or parade your ass around naked everywhere to be appreciated(I'm not saying I have a problem with ya'll being naked though, because you're always welcome to show a brother something, but I digress), you are the ones. Ya'll got it. Everything that you possess, whether good or bad, is vital to us as black men. You are the mothers, the sisters, the aunts, the queens, the princesses that keep the world moving. And we love ya'll for it. We are the fathers, brothers, the uncles, the kings, the princes that keep the world moving. And we hope ya'll love us for it. Let's appreciate each other. Black women, I appreciate ya'll. I love ya'll. Embrace what's in the mirror, your mind, your soul.



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