TEAMDAR Presents: A Look Into The Friendzone Part 1

The friendzone. The dreaded friendzone. Why does it exist? How do you get there? Why are you there? Can you escape? So many questions, so many possible answers. Let us explore shall we?

What Is The Friendzone?- The friendzone is essentially a place where you are banished to as you attempt to woo a female or make her yours for either a relationship or a night or two of nasty ass sex, to put it plainly.

Why Do You Get Put There?- This is a bit tricky. A lot of women enjoy putting men in the friendzone, and some even think its a joke to do so. They usually put you in the friendzone if you don't have something they're looking for at the moment(which can change with these females), lack of attraction, you don't treat them how they want to be treated(which can change as well), or something just doesn't work. Women also will friendzone if you attempt to date them, and something goes wrong, causing them to retreat without giving you a fair chance. Men, however, are not known to friendzone women as frequently, but when we do, it's usually a reason for that. Lack of attraction is USUALLY the first reason for MOST men, but not all. Sometimes, a woman's personality doesn't seem fit for the relationship, so men will just keep her around as a friend if she's a decent human being. Some women are just not mentally stable enough to be your girlfriend, let alone your wife, thus the friendzoning. The reasons why are various, and can change(like I've mentioned).

Can You Escape?- Depends on the situation and the person who put you in the friendzone. If you are in the DEEP friendzone, there's no escaping. If the lack of attraction is really what's keeping you away from a relationship with said person, then usually there's no escaping. The answer is Yes and No. It all depends, BUT, it's not completely impossible, I've seen it done and accomplished it myself.

How Can You Escape?- This is definitely not easy. And not possible for everyone. But, with the right amount of charm, psychology, or honestly just ability, you can escape, BUT the time invested that it takes to get out of there is usually not worth it. If the female likes you, she will show interest and won't friendzone you. If you do escape, it either means you were dedicated, or put her on the back burner long enough for her to maybe "miss you" and want attention from you again. Once again, this is all dependent.

Are They Missing Out?- You will notice that if you become you friendzoned, the person who friendzoned you will talk about how they have bad luck in dating. A lot of times, these people see amazing qualities in you that could stand for a lifelong friend, as opposed to a short term relationship. This is where they could be perceived as missing out. Some people will friendzone the person that possesses the qualities that they claim they seek in a significant other. I sometimes liken this to people saying what they want, and finding it unbelievable when they find it, so naturally they run from it. Maybe they will find someone who embodies what they think they want and be happy, but for whatever reason, they ran from you, because the timing could have been off for them and they weren't ready. It's weird, to be honest, but it's also something that happens everyday. Are they missing out? Maybe so, and some of them are fully aware of that. They are just willingly to take the risk of missing out because of whatever reason they concoct in their head.

Before we close out Part 1 of this FriendZone topic, we have a few words of wisdom from my brother @MDizzle9000 who's a homie to the #TEAMDAR family as well. Take it away, Dizzle:

The friend zone...The Bermuda triangle of male and female interaction. A Purgatory that only a delusional man sees a way out of. At this point in my life, I don't feel the need to make a bunch of female friends that I'm "just friends" with. I'm too old for that shit. Women are sexual creatures just like us. If you've been around one long enough and have seen no opportunities to take it to the next level, she's just not into you. I'm not gonna tell you not to have female friends. Maybe y'all play call of duty together, or watch the same awful TV shows, and genuinely enjoy each others company. Just don't expect any sex from that girl.
Back in my teen years when I was getting around heavy, talking to alot of women, girls and ho's, I found myself in the friendzone a few times. That place where you meet a chick, you like her, you wanna fuck her. She however, sees you as nothing more than some good company, conversation and advice. This path always leads you to the same dead end. She tells you how awesome you are and how much you and her connect. At the exact same time she also strongly implies she doesn't want to fuck. She might give you the old "you're like a brother" or go out of her way to call you her "friend". If it goes on for long, she'll even ask you for advice about the guy she IS fucking. Don't be that one guy, who she talks to about her man trouble with. That's what other women and gays are for. Don't be in that friendzone, you might as well be her gay friend. Go for the gusto, tell her what you really want and if she isn't with it, abort her from your life like an unwanted pregnancy. My only success in the friendzone was fucking this one girls friend who she hooked me up with, and that doesn't happen often. If that girl ain't throwing you no pussy, or lobbing some other pussy towards you, just stay away. She's undoubtedly a horrible point guard and even more worthless as a friend.
You have all your buddies who you smoke and drink with and play video games with. At least one of your boys gets alot of hoes and can offer you advice etc. 

Do you really NEED a female friend who isn't giving up the drawls? I don't. I've learned to avoid those situations like your female friend will avoid your penis. I now stay far away from the friendzone and suggest you do the same. I'm looking for a girlfriend, not a friendgirl. Apologies to the ladies, but I'm a grown ass man. At this stage in my journey I do not want to waste time with a female who isn't trying to offer me something serious.

There lies the final point that I will make in this post. 

Women, of society, today, seem to think it's perfectly normal to friendzone men and get almost angry when we don't want to stick around and be their "friends" anymore, when none of us came at you with any intention of just being friends. I have plenty of damn friends, why would I want to add a woman I'm into to that list? It does nothing for me in the future. Like Dizzle said, at this stage in our journeys, we are looking for something serious and real with these women. We don't have time to hear your stories about the men who treated you wrong OR your numerous mini-relationships that didn't work out because you were too busy friendzoning the men who could have treated you right. That's just a waste of OUR time. Your time works just fine when you have plenty options of men you can call and talk to at any time, without giving them any type of play. That's what women don't understand. When men don't want to put up with the friendzone shit, and just move on to find something better and real, don't be mad at us. Be mad at yourself for wasting the time of men who expressed interest in you, but was put to the side. I've rarely had this happen to me personally, and the few times that I have had it happen, it's slightly deflating. Deflating in the sense of "well, that could have been something", but once it happens, you just move on. No waiting or kissing ass to move out of a friendzone. What would be the reason to keep you around if you don't see things going anywhere in the future? There's no time for games. No time to waste. Offer me something worthwhile and we'll have a connection. Offer me the friendzone, and you'll be left out to dry. That's just the facts. Until next time, folks....



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