TEAMDAR: Aunjel's Writings

Aunjel(@jellybellybam) Returns With Two New Poems. Take A Read. 

Last Dance

I'm just delusional, everything in my life is an illusion of happiness and love. 
While I wear this happy grin the evil within chases the last of my hope.  
So I sit in a corner and try to fix it myself.  
Rivers of gin a razor and my pen. 
Slowly I carve out the hurt,  the pain, so many lies so much fucking pain.  
Why did you abandon me?  When did you stop caring?  
Was I wearing rose colored glasses?
Ignoring every sign so I wouldnt have to deal all the while feeling the same still. 
My intuition tingling as you told me don't think about it too much too much.
You said we didn't have to rush it through...that was just a clever bull shit excuse...
I let you peer into my soul, you knew everything.. 
I let you see the worst of me, bust wide open I became vulnerable became a new me. 
You never even gave me me a chance...wrote me off. 
I thought I killed my audition for this last dance.


You drained me
Being your emotional crutch
Because YOURE in an emotional rut
The secrets
The double life
I really thought everything was alright
God the ideas I had in my head
Should have trusted my intuition
Should've put all this bullshit to bed
It's not your fault I second guess
Why my mind is a complete fucking mess
Sitting in a puddle of your emotional acid rain
Completely drained
Forever your crutch
Your emotional nut
I never asked for you to cum inside
Impregnating me with your lies
Soaking me with each and every unspoken promise
Excuse me sir
You didn't ask me where you could shoot your kids
An emotional bukkake
Im too full
My insides full of dead lies
Your dead kids
Their muffled cries
Go ahead
Rain the emotional acid shit on my love
Now get a towel and rub
You've drained the last of me Love



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