TEAMDAR: The Team Of 2014.

2014 has been an interesting year for the team. So far, we've seen the radio show grow into a popular program with our crazy After Dark shows, interviews with big names in hip hop such as Papoose, Rapper Big Pooh, Arsonal, and the original Hot Boy Turk, among others. This was the goal from the start, to continue to grow this radio show and make it work as best as we can. Myself, Joe, Jelly, and Axel are proud to have everyone support us. In addition to the radio show, there is so much more to come, and more to discuss. ( )

True God(@truegodimmortal), released his amazing album "Three7One" back on April 30th to a nice bit of fanfare and support. The cover for "Three7One" can be seen above at the top of this blog. Make sure you get that album and support True here ( ). In addition to this album, True is back at work with ANOTHER project on the way already, "Eyes On The Ring", which is a wrestling inspired album/EP that will drop on July 26th. This album, budget friendly and innovative, can be purchased for 6 dollars on the day of release, be sure to support that as well and listen to some of the tracks from there at ( ) as well as read the info on this album and True's other albums at ( ). As announced on True's own blog, he will also release ANOTHER project in 2014, his actual 5th album, "Pursuing Happiness" on November 3rd, which is the third anniversary of the release of his debut album "Soul Revival 1". He also has a book coming, and two more albums set for release in 2015, stay tuned for details on that as well.

Another member of the team, Speed On The Beat(@speedonthebeat), will be releasing his new album "Death of The King(D.O.T.K.) on August 17th, and we will have an interview up with him in the next week or two to discuss the project and what it means for Speed's future musically. Speed also writes for Bo1da's site, as well The Arteest's site and runs his own blog site as well ( ). Be sure to support Speed and his album when it releases, as well as all his ventures. He's one of the original TEAMDAR members.

Of course, Jelly(@jellybellybam) has contributed her poems and writings to this very blog, and you can expect to see more from her as we plan to release a book of her writings in either late 2014-early 2015. You can hear Jelly of course on the TEAMDAR Radio show every week.

Not to mention, the brother Joe/JP(@filthy_cent), who keeps your timeline on Twitter buzzing with the tweets of savagery, as well as his outspoken viewpoints and stories on TEAMDAR Radio. Joe will be technically making his recording debut on "Eyes On The Ring" as he appears on a song, not rapping but talking some shit, as only Joe can do. Rumor has it, when the TEAMDAR mixtape drops, Joe might even have a verse or two on there rapping. Stay tuned.

Big shoutout to the youngest member of the team, Jeff Axel(@DirtyLungsAxel) who's gearing up to release his new mixtape "Chronicles of a 410 Savage" in the coming month or two. Axel, known for his animated character and outlandish style, is also a co-host on the TEAMDAR Radio show, and will be featured on the upcoming TEAMDAR mixtape prominently.

The team itself, as a whole is growing on the daily and we have big plans for the rest of this year and years to come. More members are with us, but some things are better kept under wraps until we're ready. Be sure to check out the sophomore TEAMDAR mixtape, which will be dropping sometime in December 2014 or early 2015. We will be working tirelessly to bring you nothing but the best, and there's a big chance we will have a TEAMDAR documentary coming as well in 2015.

As always, just stay tuned. We got now and next. THIS is how you DEFINE A REVOLUTION.



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