TEAMDAR- Talk My Shit Review

TEAMDAR- Talk My Shit
Artists Appearing On Song: True God and Shokus Apollo
Number of Verses: 2
Produced by: Jay Splash

As you know, the DAR mixtape "Genesis" will be arriving in a week. To prepare for that, we are taking some time to look at one of the most recently released tracks off the mixtape, "Talk My Shit", a very aggressive song that kicks off with a resounding hook delivered by True, almost in anthem form. The catchy chant of "give me the mic, let me talk my shit" seems to be infectious accompanied by the hard hitting Jay Splash beat. The organs coupled with the drum hits build the perfect beat for this particular song, and Apollo kicks it off with the first verse.

Shokus Apollo-Verse 1 Highlights

Apollo kicks off with vigor as he "welcomes you to his nightmares" and proceeds to kick a scorching verse with great wordplay. He hits with a nice sly Crucial Conflict reference if you pay attention to his opening 6 bars. Apollo's strong suit as an artist has always been his ability to paint intricate pictures through his extensive wordplay and he does not disappoint. With a Karate Kid reference to further his status as being more advanced, Apollo talks his shit about being a king in hip hop, and lays into all who may oppose or any opponents. As Apollo's verse comes to a close, you can feel it in the air that he's ready to stake his claim, and he ends it with a nice couplet that leads right back into the hook. As the hook comes to a close, we hear the infamous "True" adlib as verse 2 gets ready to kick off

True God- Verse 2 Highlights

True starts off with amazing aggression(anger almost) as he says that "this is his throne, no way that he could abandon it.. he'll smoke you if you choke in Disaster(Dizaster), nigga you're cannabis(Canibus)" making a reference to the infamous Dizaster/Canibus battle from a few years back when Canibus choked and pulled out a rhyme book. True's aggression, lyrical composite and wordplay has been his strong suit, and he brings it with much needed energy and closes out the song strongly with his verse. The best part about True's verse has to be the fact that he's a tad bit more animated than usual, which makes his verse hit hard.


What this song represents is DAR at its finest: lyrical, aggressive, infectious, and bringing an anthem. After the release of "Don't Trust Em"(reviewed on Speed's site Don't Trust Em Review ) and "P.L.W.(listen and hear the review P.L.W.), "Talk My Shit" gives a balance of us as artists. Both Apollo and True give you a classic hip hop feel on this track showing that the DAR team is versatile as well. Once you've hit them with a song about women you can't trust, then an anthem for the hip hop heads, then a dope track to ride out to(with a chopped and screwed hook), what's next for the team? Well, when you accomplish such great feats, the only thing left to do..... is CELEBRATE.

TEAMDAR- Celebrating(Coming Soon). 



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