Team DAR Talks Exodus and "Green Light"

So, as the release date of Team DAR's Exodus draws closer, we at sat down with...well, ourselves. Want to get deeper into the story and bask further in the "Green Light," read on.

True: I initially was going to put 'Green Light' on my Pursuing Happiness album, but at the last minute, I changed my mind. I had the hook written since June 2014, when I first received the beat from Old Beats Record. I instantly felt something when I heard this beat and knew the song could be something special. The hook is melodic and paints a picture of a rising star and his journey to the top. You are going after your dreams and having the 'green light' to take things to the next level.

My verse starts off with "I tell my young niggas, but they won't reach/Coming of Age, this the same shit that Jay told Bleek/You want the long term riches, not the short term goals/I had a Gambling Problem, now it's your turn, roll," which has such a multi-layered meaning. The first line can be seen as a call to those in the crew who are younger and just starting out in this journey. I referenced Jay and Bleek's Coming Of Age story because it fits the narrative perfectly. As the veteran of this game and click, I'm passing along vital lessons that will help the next one in the long run. In what can be seen as a passing the torch moment of sorts, the "Gambling Problem" line is an example of handing the reigns over to a successor of some form. Meaning, I've struggled and earned my way to where I am, now its your turn to go for the title.

I called myself a legend beyond the DMV in the following lines and proclaimed that I had "taught the whole game" while following up with a Run DMC reference. How can someone who isn't hugely established on the mainstream be a legend? After breaking interview records on, releasing 5 great albums, build a team who actually all released solo projects as group projects, creating a three part documentary on my debut album that was copied afterwards, as well as balancing music with his own wrestling brand and site, those are accomplishments that people can not deny. The rest of the verse is meant to highlight the hunger you have when you're in this position as an artist. This song in general represents power and I hope the people know and respect it.

Apollo: Green Light has many meanings. Each of us are displaying different viewpoints on the matter. To me, green light means one has the "freedom to go," to progress, to provide action. "Still want protection for my city like a citadel/or like a bastion/Major infractions in our infrastructure/Mortal wounds have been punctured." This line touches on the weakness in today's culture. We need the green light to proceed. I'm saying I want protection for my city, my community. I want the "green light", I want action. What is stopping us? 

Another line that has a great meaning behind it is "Our shooters got the greenest light, to do work at any moment." It highlights how people with nothing to lose, can be down for the cause with just one command.  

Next up? "Whatever the task is you know Apollo on it/ Exodus shit man we on it/Try us with some shit I don't condone it/We just mobile phone it." It means that I am seeing the green light. I'm down for the cause, I have the freedom to act and progress because of the green lights symbolism.

The song is lighthearted but very solid and complete. It stands for going out there and taking what's your's before "the signal is red?" Peace.

SOTB!!!: I just went in the booth and wanted to speak on some stuff I tended to avoid when I was on my super-personal stuff. Originally, the verse I had for "Green Light" was a bit more lighthearted and less gloom-and-doom. But after hearing the beat over and over again, the "Darren Wilson's still employed and Grant's killers went free" verse just fit. Flow-wise, as seen on a couple tracks on this album, I pulled out my "stuck in the 90s" flow and just let loose. 

With regards to Exodus itself, it's a project that's different than what people may be used to hearing from Team DAR and myself personally. I actually have fun on the songs I'm on and I've all but killed no-fi. So, actually putting all four of us together to bounce ideas off of, it was a good look. But, the project itself, it's got something for everyone and something for no one at the same time. What I'm saying is that while there are the real rap tracks, the turn-up tracks, and all's not just doing it for the sheer hell of doing it. We went in, just spoke our peace--whether it was right, wrong, or potentially "offensive"--and left it at that.

Just hope people understand my "pauses" on "Madden Curse." If not, just think about it (like every DAR track).

JEFF AXEL: When I first heard the beat, I immediately felt strongly about it. Usually, boom bap 90's sounds ain't my style as I'm more of an energetic up-tempo guy. But, I envisioned putting my own unique stamp on this one. So, when True came up with the idea of "Green Light" with this beat? I pictured just us as a group pushing through adversity to get to a goal of being recognized in the hip-hop game. So, my verse pretty much exemplifies that no matter what you throw my way I still got my focus on achieving major goals no matter the facet of life outside of music in general, just thrive on the talent you have before its too late and you regret not seizing the opportunity. I came differently then the other members with more of an aggressive attacking style, that's the main thing i feel makes this track so dope. Four different styles and nobody sounding out of place that's pretty much how the entire project is.

[Exodus] is a diverse, entertaining thought provoking album that needs to be blasted everywhere dawg!!!! Im hype about this album 16 tracks of blowtorch hot fire flame my nigga. The cohesion on this project destroys our beginning project of Genesis. Our chemistry is through the roof now. All four of us are on a majority of the tracks giving you different perspectives and styles from each rapper. Nobody sounds out of place on any song and I'm proud of the various topics we covered. 

We're not a one-dimensional group we got damn near everything covered on here from hype up the crowd trill bass-thumpin' shit to old school lyrical hip hop to conscious songs that make you think to weed songs to inspirational shit. Dawg, we've all stepped up and wanna go to another level. This will be one of the most versatile projects in the underground I can say that with confidence just give it a full spin I beg anyone who's reading this article give it an honest listen all the way through and give your honest opinion. Hit me up on Twitter @AXELWorld4ever (Ed. Note: and the rest of the team at their respective handles and/or the @TeamDAR handle)

I wanna promote this album to different areas across the United States, mane. We have something for everyone on this project I can't wait for yall to hear it. Everyone in the group had a smooth 5 murderous verses on this mawfucka. Like, lyrical shit that might go over simple-minded heads it's just some next level meteor galaxy type stratosphere shit I'm hoping we capture attention with this. Our last mixtape got 10,000 views I wanna go next level on this one we appreciate all the support we down to hang out with the fans of our music so let's share and network so we can go to the next level, [do] tours and other ventures. That would be clutch. Team DAR is on the rise. Peace and blessings to those who bring a positive vibe. GET EXODUS MARCH 15TH AVAILABLE ON VARIOUS SITES HOLLA AT ME ON TWITTER ONCE AGAIN at @AXELWorld4ever




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