Relationship Corner: Three Problems

Relationship Problems

Hey it's me @LOVEJAyPEA_ and I am here to discuss three major problems in relationships and how they can be solved.

Poor communication is a huge relationship killer. Poor communication most likely leads to all problems in a relationship so fixing communication problems are vital to a heathy, strong relationship. 

Communication strategies
  • Make time for each other without distractions. Whether you live together or not, make a time to talk where you both won't be distracted by your phones, friends, family or kids. 
  • Talk about "heavy" issues in public. If you know that a conversation can turn ugly, discuss these said issues at dinner in a restaurant or somewhere where raising your voice and acting a fool can be embarrassing. 
  • Give your significant other your full attention while communicating. Make eye contact, put your phone away, stop finding other things to distract you and actually listen to what they have to say.
  • Try to see things through their eyes. Most arguments happen because both people are seeing things differently. Try to see where your significant is coming from so that ya'll can work on a compromise.

RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM #2: Sex (or lack thereof).

Sex can also be a relationship killer and can also lead to infidelity. Although sex can be an issue in a relationship, most people are afraid to admit this is a problem. 

Sex strategies
  • If you're a busy person like me, finding time to have sex may be challenging. Make sure you make time for sex. An easy way to do this is to schedule time for sex.  No it doesn’t have to be the same time everyday but it can be a simple text as in, “sex tonight.” 
  • COMMUNICATE your wants. Sometimes we just expect the person we are intimate with to understand what we want when most of the time they have no clue. Communicate what you like. If your significant other loves missionary and you really like reverse cowboy, make sure that they know that.  If the sex routine is pretty basic then communicate that you want to explore other sexual avenues (anal, threesomes, etc.) with them. 
  • Role play. Sometimes people forget about how creative having sex can be. Make stories with your sex. The nurse and patient is pretty popular. Try other creative things when you have sex and have fun. 

RELATIONSHIP PROBLEM #3: Not Making Your Relationship A Priority. 

Sometimes, people forget that their relationship is a blessing and not a given.  If you’re having problems with someone in the relationship not making the relationship a priority, then here are some tips: 

Relationship Strategies
  • Plan date nights.  Plan dates for just the two of you (no double dates) where you guys can spend quality time with each other.  Sometimes we think our partner will just be there so they begin to be the last person on our list of people to please.  Make sure that you’re always making time for them by having date nights at least once a month. 
  • Do the things that made them fall in love with you.  Beginning of relationships are so great because both parties are on their best behavior.  Once the relationship has some weight to it, people forget why their even in the relationship.  If you started off sending flowers, keep it a routine.  
  • Show your loved one respect.  Let them know you appreciate them by your actions and words.  
Thanks for reading and I hope those of you who may have some relationship problems potentially heed these pointers. 


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