SOTB!!!'s WIRTB Review: Who's Your Caddy?

Alright, so a couple weeks back, I dropped my last WIRTB Film Review, a look at Soul Plane. This time, I'm focusing on Blackyshack. That's right: we're going to ATL, Georgia (what we do fo' ya?)  to potentially bull dog some hoes like the Hoyas (I'm a Terps man myself) South Carolina to review 2007's Who's Your Caddy? to determine what's become the age-old question in Speed on the Beat reviews: Was It Really That Bad?

Caddy dropped around the time that Big Boi got the acting bug, like Three Stacks, in 2007. The comedy features cameos from Andy Milonakis (who I had some random internet beef with ten years ago. Blame Byron Crawford/Bol), Faizon Love, Lil' Wayne (who performed "Fireman" about two years late), Tony Cox (where the hell has he been recently?) and the late Chase Tatum (of No Limit versus West Texas Rednecks fame). It was produced by Robert L. Johnson's film company, Our Stories Films, and was rated PG-13. There's your background information.

Now, the premise is simple. A rich rapper (his rap name is "C-Note") who's also an Ivy League wants to play golf, but he's denied membership by the club who owns the course because of xenophobic tendencies. It probably doesn't help that he went all war movie and handed on the green in a helicopter, but hey. Gotta make an entrance, amirite?

He buys a piece of the land that isn't under club ownership (but still near a hole), in the hopes that he'll be able to use that to bargain (read: bribe) with the members to get a membership. The rest of the film is spent showcasing the old white guys trying to get C-Note and his crew kicked out of the course. The end of the film showcases C-Note and one of the white guys playing a game of golf to decide whether or not Note can stay.

That's it. Now, yes, it's a horrible ripoff of Caddyshack (perhaps even more so than Caddyshack II). But this film fails not because it's a "been there, done that" attempt to diversity a "classic" story. It's just not all that funny. Yes, Soul Plane was kind of wack and had cringeworthy moments. But at least even those moments provided me with an uncomfortable chuckle and/or an "it's so bad, it's good" atmosphere.

Caddy just had me stare at the screen for ninety minutes asking "why the hell did I agree to watch this?" So, it's not even that it's bad. It's just boring as fuck. And that, my friends, is probably a thousand times worse.

So, until next time, remember: I review the crap, so you don't have to. Next up?

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