#DARBusiness: An Interview with Lana Violet

Peace and Blessings from the True God (had to bring that one back) and welcome to another #DARBusiness interview. Joining us today is the sexy Lana Violet, who's done work with Evil Angel more. 

True: First and foremost, let the people know who are you and where you're from?

Lana: Hello beautiful people, I'm ethnically Filipino, born and raised in LA.

True: What motivated you to get into this porn industry?

Lana: I was looking to become a stripper, was introduced and informed about the adult film business through my first agent, became curious, did a scene, became hooked.

True: Describe your first scene for us and were you nervous?

Lana: My very first BG scene was with Jack Napier for Vince Voyeur, an Asian movie. Nervous? Yes. Anxious? Yes. But excited? Very. I had no idea what I was doing, but fortunately Jack and the rest of the crew were extremely friendly and helpful. I was glad to have such a fun first time experience, especially dealing with one of the biggest cocks I ever saw in my life at the time.

True: What's the most rewarding thing about what you do?

Lana: Breaking down sex stereotypes. 

True: Rank these in order from favorite to least favorite:
  • Facial 
  • Creampie 
  • Swallowing 
  • Cum on Tits 
  • Cum on ass

  1. Swallowing
  2. Cum on Ass
  3. Cum on tits
  4. Facial

And creampies would probably rank about 67th to me (laughs).

True: What's your favorite scene that you've shot in your career?

Lana: A gang bang I did for New Sensations and a blow bang for Evil Angel.

True: Is there anyone you'd like to work with that you haven't?

Lana: I wish I had gotten the chance to work with Belladonna.

True: I noticed you do a "verified call" type of deal. How does that work?

Lana: If one wanted to talk to me or any other girl using verified call, one would go to the site and purchase per minute, a new and improved version of those 1-800 sex numbers from back in the day. I'm also on chatstar.com, which people can call and talk with the girls as well, but also text and send pictures/videos. I personally love using Chatstar because when I'm unable to talk, I can text, do a quick titty, vag, or ass shot, and send away. Plus I'm sending personal selfies which you won't find online.

True: Have there been a large amount of people trying to have sex with you via social media?

Lana: Yes...trying (Ed. Note: I'd assume they are failing).

True: Switching gears, what type of music do you enjoy?

Lana: I really do have an eclectic taste in music, it really just depends on my mood. What I do listen to majority of the time is usually rap, hip hop. Maybe some kPop to get the party started haha.

True: Describe the perfect day for you.

Lana: Spending sunset to sundown on a beach somewhere, inhaling herb, eating organic, doing yoga and splashing in the water.

True: What would be your greatest accomplishment so far?

Lana: I was able to open a tight jar of pickles this afternoon all by myself. 

True: Where can everyone find you online?
Twitter- Lanaviolet
Instagram - oglanav
Chatstar - Lana Violet
Customs4u- Lana Violet

Photo Credit: LegendOne


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