#DARBUSINESS: An Interview with Vanessa Blake

1. What was your initial motivation for getting into the adult entertainment industry?

Vanessa: Money and something new really.

2. How did your first scene go? Were you nervous? Was it a disaster?

Vanessa: My first scene was fine, it was more exciting than anything. I mostly remember saying what's next, like what do I get to do now?

3. Who are some of your favorite people to work with in the industry and what's your favorite scene so far?

Vanessa: Nate Liquor, my absolute favorite director/photographer/videographer

4.  What type of scenes do you enjoy the most? Interracial, lesbian, threesome?

Vanessa: I'd have to say, that even today, my favorite girl/girl scene was with Cece Stone back in '09. Since I've really only shot interracial.

5. Is there anybody you haven't worked with yet that you'd like to?

Vanessa: Andrew Blake, it would be an honor one day to be shot by him.

6. Rank these in order from your favorite to least favorite. 

*cum on tits
*cum on ass

1. Facial
2. Cum on my Ass
3. Cum on my tits

I don't swallow or do creampies, however.

7. With social media being a huge promotion tool now, do you run into a bunch of men (and/or women) who try to have sex with you outside of business?

Vanessa: I don't put myself in situations, let alone am in an environment where people are going to blatantly approach me to have sex. Now is that to say that people do not try to by saying they want to "get to know" me? All the time, but it's a given being that I'm physically appealing and have a pretty face.

8. Switching gears a bit, you seem to be an avid smoker of that good ol' loud pack. Is a wake and bake essential for your everyday?

Vanessa: I legally smoke marijuana every day. I'm more of a midday 'til evening smoker.

9. What's some of your favorite music and artists to listen to?

Vanessa: I listen to everything from country, hair metal, grunge, ska to indie rock to Pop. Music has always been played an influential role in my life. 95% of the day I have music playing.

10. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

Vanessa: There is not a highlighted accomplishment that I can list. However, everything from two degrees as an English major and a journalism major with a minor in communications. I've been able to crossover to mainstream. Being able to use my name to gain support for nonprofit events. Again there is not just one accomplishment that sticks out.

11. Any upcoming shoots you want to promote?

Vanessa: I am currently working on a Clips for Sale page. I decided to go with C4S because it's budget friendly to the consumer, as well as the amount of traffic that is already driven to the the site. It allows more time for me to focus on shooting. As far as shooting for companies, I am only shooting with condoms so that work has slowed by 95%

12. Where can we all find you online?

Vanessa: Simply by googling my name "Vanessa Blake," as well as Twitter and Instagram, which both fall under @THEVANESSABLAKE


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