Math Hoffa vs. Chilla Jones Recap

The Rookies vs Vets card is all that the streets are talking about in the battle culture right now. Any time URL throws an event together, we get excited. While URL deserves the hype having the highest delivery rate to the fans, I'm still waiting for the good battles to drop from that card. So, while we wait for the classics to come out from the successful prelude to the upcoming epic NOME5, let's talk about a dope battle that the limeys from across the pond at DON'T FLOP put together for their "Resurrection" event, Math Hoffa vs Chilla Jones.

While URL and KOTD argue for custody of Charron, Don't Flop(Eurgh's UK based battle league) invaded Atlanta and Ressurection turned out to be a good show. With names like O Red, DNA and K-Shine on the card to name a few, you know they wanted to put on for us American fans. The battle that stands out to me and just about everyone else who has seen the PPV is Math Hoffa vs Chilla Jones. An unexpected clash of styles that came together to form one of the best battles I have seen so far this year. The 3 round bout is quickly being labeled a classic by many fans and I will not try to build a case against that.

Some people say Math Hoffa fell off, and some say Chilla Jones has a style that is too "one dimensional" or outright boring. This battle proves both of those previous statements are what myself and the good folks at TeamDAR call "bullshit". Math Hoffa started this battle off with a vintage well rounded style reminiscent of his classic match ups against T-Rex and Aye Verb. He gave us the bars, humor, reality and performance. He wasn't afraid to speak on anyone or anything that's happened over the past year or so. Chilla fired right back quickly showing us that he didn't come to read off a long list of schemes as some of his earlier battles would suggest. To anyone who has not watched the Boston emcee since his last Smack appearance against DNA, he has improved his overall performance drastically. Chilla was always extremely skilled lyrically and a threat to any battle rapper, but he truly deserves to be called "top tier" now that he's become so much more versatile. While you're going to hear the expected math schemes, you'll enjoy them along with a flurry of bars, and plenty of personals regarding Math Hoffa's situation(s).

Three rounds of pure fire get spit in this battle. You'll see the Brooklyn Bully and the Bosstown...uh...schemer both at their best. Hoffa even had a little parody of a scheme himself that had me hanging out of my window gasping for air in laughter. Everything you expect to get brought up does, and yet both emcees keep it fresh and clever throughout the battle. I won't tell you who I think won, because in a battle like this, it doesn't matter. Watch the battle, love it and pick a winner 2-1 because that shit was real baby! Whenever I start to think the culture is getting weak or over saturated, battles like this keep me in love with the sport like its 2003 and I'm watching freestyle friday again(back when it still existed and was actually good). Even if you don't want to buy the whole PPV, and can't wait for the eventual YouTube uploads, Don't Flop has the battle on sale individually on sale for a cool 5 bucks. It's worth it.

(Editors Note: While Dizzle doesn't choose a winner, the consensus is Math 2-1)


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