DAR Sports: NBA Conference Finals Predictions

#DARSports NBA Conference Finals Predictions

Well, we have arrived. What started with 16 of the best teams in the NBA, is now down to the final four, and the teams that remain are the 1 and 2 seeds in their respective conference. As we have with the previous rounds, DAR sat down to talk about the conference finals and our predictions. The last stop on the road to the NBA Finals is now....

Western Conference Finals

1) Golden State Warriors vs 2) Houston Rockets 

-The Warriors handily took care of the Grizzlies and the Rockets shocked the world, due to the Clippers choking. The Rockets have a very solid team, and I didn't expect them to be in the Conference Finals at all. With that being said, I could see a focused Warriors team sweeping the Rockets, but I'll give Houston the benefit of the doubt, and say they'll take a game. Warriors in 5 and onto the finals.

True's Pick: Warriors in 5

-While the Grizzlies provided to be (mostly) cannon fodder for the Splash Brothers, Houston went through a seven game series, which they should've lost (Dammit Clippers!). With that said, we've got the 1 and 2 seeds of the conference in a match up we've seen several times in the regular season. Steph Curry is the difference maker for Golden State. If Curry stinks up the joint like during the semifinals losses, expect this to go in Houston's favor. However, I see the Warriors winning in 5 and moving onto the finals.

Speed's Pick: Warriors In 5

-Well the Rockets pulled an upset and snatched the series from the Clippers. Too bad they won't win this series. They just don't match up well with Golden State. And there is no one to guard the Splash Bros. I'll give Houston respect though and say they get 2 games. Warriors in 6 and onto the NBA Finals.

Apollo's Pick: Warriors in 6

I have to say that I'm shocked the Rockets made it this far, but this is where the road stops playboy. Warriors in 5.

Axel's Pick: Warriors in 5

Eastern Conference Finals

1) Atlanta Hawks vs 2) Cleveland Cavaliers

-I didn't expect the Hawks to be here. They seem to be on a mission and after getting lucky against the Wizards, they are hungry. They are facing a banged up Cavaliers team who are missing Kevin Love, but I still see Bron leading the Cavs to victory here. I think the Hawks may take game 1 and possibly game 4 or 5, but the Cavs are headed to the finals. Welcome back to the finals, Lebron.

True's Pick: Cavs in 6

 Look, Cleveland is hurting right now but the have extra rest they have after beating that joke of a squad, the Chicago Bulls(Editor's Note: Watch Your Mouth Apollo). That allows Kyrie to heal a little bit, and I think he'll be ok. Mozgov and Tristan Thompson are key in this series, they have to own the boards and be more aggressive than Millsap and Horford. The Hawks will get some respect and I see them maybe getting a game. LeBron is not trying to waste time. He's not toying with opponents, and playing with aggression and urgency. Which means domination and his 5th straight finals appearance. Cavs in 5, Warriors vs Cavs in the finals.

Apollo's Pick: Cavs in 5

The Hawks, like the Rockets, should've lost both their series before now. But, the Wizards bowed out and the Nets failed to seal the deal. As a number one seed, much is expected. Such as, oh I don't know, winning decisively against an eight seed? Cavs take it in 6, to make it interesting.

Speed's Pick: Cavs in 6

- I'm going to agree with Speed, I think that the Hawks shouldn't even be here really. The Wizards should be in this position easily. However, they dropped the ball and the Hawks are here, but this is the end for them. Lebron reaches the finals yet again bruh. Cavs in 6, Cavs vs Warriors in the finals.

Axel's Pick: Cavs in 6


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