#DARSports: NBA 2nd Round Playoff Predictions

NBA Playoffs SemiFinals Predictions

Our first round picks were mostly correct(Warriors advanced, Bulls handily won, Cavs won, Hawks won, Spurs vs Clippers went 7 games) with a few missteps, but we sat today to discuss the second round of the playoffs, which began today(predictions were sent in before the games today). Myself and Apollo got more in-depth, while Ax and Speed played their cards close and just gave simple predictions. Let the games begin.


1)Golden State Warriors vs 5) Memphis Grizzlies

True: I have no doubt that the Warriors will take this one. The Grizzlies don't have Mike Conley and don't seem built to handle these driven Warriors. It could be a clean sweep, but I see Memphis getting maybe game 3 or 4 before falling victim. Warriors are headed to the Conference Finals. Period.

True's Pick- Warriors in 5

Apollo: The Warriors easily handled a young Pelicans squad devoid of playoff experience. Now without Mike Conley, I don't see Memphis pulling this off. The Splash Brothers will take care of these guys just as easily. Golden State is destined for the Conference Finals.

Apollo's Pick- Warriors in 5.

Speed: This seems like an easy one for the Warriors, to be honest.

Speed's Pick- Warriors in 5

Axel: I don't see this being too easy, but I see Golden State coming out with the victory.

Axel's Pick- Warriors in 6

3) Los Angeles Clippers vs 2) Houston Rockets

True: I was impressed with the showing from both teams in the first round for different reasons. The Rockets dominated the Mavericks, and seem to be on a roll. Meanwhile, The Spurs, the defending champs, got taken out by the Clippers in an amazing 7 game series. The Clippers showed they have heart, the drive, and the will to make it as far as they want, and if Chris Paul is focused, I have them taking this one.

True's Pick- Clippers in 6

Apollo: The Clippers and Spurs gave us a memorable opening series. The best in Round 1 by far actually. They took care of the old men, but not without any problems, CP3 looks gimpy with that hamstring, but he should be okay. The Rockets I don't trust, because James Harden and Dwight Howard have tendencies to disappear in the playoffs. I give them a chance because Los Angeles has exerted lots of energy in the Spurs series but I think the Clippers will win this series and meet the Warriors in the conference finals.

Apollo's Pick- Clippers in 6

Speed: I'm the odd man out here, but I have the Rockets taking this one in a hard fought series.

Speed's Pick- Rockets in 7

Axel: I think the Rockets have a solid team, but the Clippers will no doubt take this series.

Axel's Pick- Clippers in 6


5) Washington Wizards vs 1) Atlanta Hawks

True: I have said before, I have little faith in the Hawks. Going into this one, I see the Wizards with an advantage and coming out with the victory. Hawks have a great team, and were able to do great in the regular season, but they aren't built for this one. The Wizards are headed to the Conference Finals.

True's Pick- Wizards in 6

Apollo: Atlanta didn't look convincing as the number one seed in the very underwhelming 1st round. They couldn't put Brooklyn away as easily as they should have(Note: they have already lost the game against Washington now). They don't have a go to scorer who can take over games, so I think the Wizards will handle them in 5 games.

Apollo's Pick- Wizards in 5

Speed: I may be slightly partial, but I have to go with the Wizards. The Hawks don't have it in them, no. 1 seed or not.

Speed's Pick: Wizards in 5

Axel: Yeah, I see this being a tougher series for the Wizards than expected, but they will head to the Conference Finals.

Axel's Pick- Wizards in 7

2) Cleveland Cavaliers vs 3) Chicago Bulls

True: The Cavs have built up a great team this year and while the narrative is there for a Cavs championship, this is where that road stops. I sense a hungry Bulls team on the attack, and while this series will be extremely entertaining and hard fought, I have the Bulls taking it, with Derrick Rose shining in this one. Just watch.

True's Pick: Bulls in 6

Apollo: Being without Kevin Love will affect the Cavs no doubt and it is a loss, but they still have a deep team. LeBron can takeover a series alone, but with Kyrie finding his stride in the playoffs, they will be fine. Chicago flatout quit on at least 3 of those games against the Bucks and were looking bad until they slaughtered them in the closeout game. I've said this before and I'll say it again: I don't trust the Bulls offense, they can't score consistently even with Derrick Rose, who has been shooting like 40% from the floor(which is not superstar numbers). This will be a fight no doubt and I see it going 7 games. But the King will prevail.

Apollo's Pick- Cavs in 7.

Speed: I have the Bulls taking this one. Being without Love is going to be a problem. If the Bulls stay focused, they will be moving on.

Speed's Pick- Bulls in 6

Axel: This will be a hell of a series, but I have to go with the Bulls.

Axel's Pick: Bulls in 7


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