Digging In The Crates: Bink

Digging In The Crates: 

Bink, from Norfolk, Virginia, has to be one of the most slept on producers in hip hop history. From helping to produce the Blackstreet hit "Don't Leave Me", to his work with the Roc-A-Fella team, Bink has carved out quite the legacy. His most famous production might be his work with frequent collaborator Mr. Cheeks on "Lights, Camera, Action", but his resume is extensive. Today, in "Digging In The Crates", we will look at a few of his greatest productions, some of which may have flown under the radar. Without further adieu....

*Lost Boyz featuring Redman, A+, and Canibus- Beasts From The East 

-This song is epically remembered for Canibus spazzing out on his verse and lyrically slaying, but the dark backdrop provided by Bink allowed the MCs to rip properly. Hard drums, strings and some faint piano keys made this beat very simple but beyond effective.

*A+- Understand The Game(featuring Erykah Badu)

-This is where Bink truly started to find his sound. Featured on A+'s Hempstead High album, this beat coasts with the boom bap drums that Bink has become known for along with a very smooth soulful backdrop to carry the song.

*U-God- Bizarre

-Yes, Bink has done some work with the Wu and this is essentially where it all started. Released on U-God's Golden Arms Redemption album, this song flew under the radar, but was the template for what Bink would begin to supply The Roc with from a production standpoint. Epic backdrop and/or grand horns with knocking drums. The format rarely fails.

*Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel and AMIL- You, Me, Him and Her 

-Now, this song is likely Bink's most iconic production, as this beat has been used, freestyled over, played as background music on Radio stations, etc... The intense melody along with the drums help to drive home the purpose of the song, which was to notify the world that the dynasty, the Roc was here. And here to stay. Each MC, with the exception of AMIL(who has a strangely short verse), got a chance to spit some of their best bars on this beautiful track and it is one of those songs that instantly comes to mind when you think R-O-C.

*Kool G Rap featuring Prodigy- Where You At? 

-Kool G and Prodigy are two of my all time favorite MCs, in general and from Queens. Bink crafted a track that was just right for both MCs to do what they do best, as the track feels almost anthem like.

*Freeway featuring Rell- Victim Of The Ghetto 

-I'm of the belief that Bink's best work has gone to The Roc. He gave Freeway some of his best beats, including the "Rolling Down The Freeway" track that was featured on State Property's 2nd album. It looked as if Bink was finding his signature with this track, as the soul sample skates alongside the drums to create an amazing fusion. Freeway and Bink make great music together. Need more evidence?

*Freeway- When They Remember 

-I'll be honest: this is one of my favorite Bink tracks, if not all time favorite. Bink takes a beautiful Gladys Knight sample and connects it with even harder than usual drums as Free spits his soul out on the track. The beat is soulful hip hop to the highest power. Absolutely one of his greatest productions. I stated earlier that I believe Bink gave his best work to The Roc and this is one of the reasons why, but my all time favorite Bink production?? Well...

*Kanye West featuring Rick Ross- Devil In A New Dress 

-A lot of people are still unaware that Bink produced this beautiful track. Kanye is usually known for self producing his albums, but this track was all Bink. The soulfulness and immaculate smoothness that is this track might be unparalleled. The drums speak in boom bap, while the melody oozes soul. This is my all time favorite Bink production, and while it is far from an under the radar track, it is the best Bink beat period. Absolutely amazing.

*Pusha T- I Am Forgiven 

-Featured on the "Wrath Of Caine" mixtape, this song once again features Bink at his best, with a slower BPM and soul sample backed by thumping drums as King Push spits some of his most rawest lyrics.

*Drake featuring J. Cole- Jodeci Freestyle

-This song, when I first heard it, I instantly thought that J. Cole produced it and paid homage to Bink with it, because it had all the elements of a Bink production: great and crisp sampling with those ever so clutch boom bap-esque hard drums. I'd personally like to hear both Drake and Cole over more Bink production in the future as they fit well over his tracks.

*Nipsey Hussle- Respect Ya Passion

-I've never been a big fan of Nipsey, but as I was checking out some of his music, I stumbled onto this song and was instantly hooked. The production here, as always is flawless, with Bink hitting them hard with the drums and the beautiful sample. Nipsey does well on this beat, but I couldn't help but wonder what another MC would have done to this track. Its THAT dope!

Bink's legacy in hip hop is solidified. While he may not be mentioned with the Premos, the Dillas, the Pete Rocks, and other legends, he has hits under his belt, classics, and a long list of gems. Take some time out of your day and enjoy some of his gems. Long live hip hop.



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