Has Hollywood Lost Its Creativity? Part 1

Has Hollywood Lost Its Creativity? Part 1
By @TrueGodImmortal

I used to love going to the movies. Heading to the theaters to see a new movie, with an original plot, fresh characters, and watching it all play out was so much fun. It was entertainment at its finest but also unpredictable. There were always fresh films in the theaters, with surprise blockbuster hits on a regular basis. Today, that's not even the case at all.

I walked into a bookstore the other day(they still have a lot of those BTW), just searching for a new book to read, when I saw a few magazine covers catch my eye. One magazine cover had the characters from the upcoming "Mad Max" remake, while the other had the characters(ARNOLD IS BACK) from the new "Terminator" movie. I have quite a few friends who are excited for both of those films actually, however, I am not. A bit of a personal story, if you will: I was on a date the other week, going to see The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. I was excited about this film, as I am a big fan of comic book movies. I like the way that they've translated the comics to the big screen with the story playing out perfectly so far. While not the most original of concepts, comic book films feel fresh, introduce more characters as they go along, and provide you with a very well done good time. As I sat in the theater with this young lady, they showed the previews. One of the upcoming Ant-Man film, one of Batman vs Superman, then one of Mad Max, one of Terminator, before ending off with the new remake of Jurassic Park(Jurassic World I believe is the title). That's two movies based off superheroes and comics, with the other three being remakes. These are our upcoming blockbuster movies.

I went out on a date to see Fast and Furious 7, and while I enjoyed watching the film, I couldn't help but think about how pointless it was. Hollywood rebooted a franchise that had regressed considerably after the first film, both in quality and earnings. It was rebooted with the 4th installment, bringing back old characters, introducing some new characters and turning it into a super blockbuster with the 5th film and on. There is an 8th film on the way, with the main objective to keep milking this cow until it's completely dry. Paul Walker passed away, the series seemed to come to a solid close, but Hollywood wants to stick with the same old, same old. Its a problem that exists even beyond the blockbuster franchise films as well. For example....

The movie "Carrie" was released in the late 1970s and remains a cult classic among horror film junkies. This movie has been remade and rebooted multiple times(one was a sequel 20 years later, which made little sense), both with weak results. The fact that this movie was remade multiple times only drives home the fact that Hollywood has either run out of ideas, or, which is more likely, has attempted to keep original concepts out of theaters. At a time when movies are breaking box office records, reaching a billion dollars in earnings worldwide, etc... One would think the studios would be looking for that next big series or next original hit to jump start the next wave of films. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I understand supply and demand, but let's be honest: was there a demand for a new version of The Craft(a moderate hit movie on witchcraft/wiccans from 1996), Mad Max(really?), The Crow(seriously? I know Sting is wrestling in WWE now and rocking this look again, but damn it Hollywood, this isn't the mid 90s), DIRTY DANCING, or any of the upcoming remakes or reboots? I truly don't believe so. I can't imagine there was a demand by the audience to see the late great Patrick Swayze's role taken over by some young actor.

There lies the issue: these films, some classic, some just moderate hits, are remembered for what they meant at that time. A lot of these films were created in the 80s, for the 80s, or even further back and should be remembered as such. What about giving today's society original films that they could remember or gravitate to? Long gone are the days of cult classics, it seems. Hollywood has become so obsessed with the bottom line that we really just get the same concepts and films recycled over and over because it's expected to bring in big dollars. In the event it flops, which a lot of remakes do these days, they just go to the next one, hoping that one sticks. There's no passion projects, no true creative genius displayed anymore, just book adaptions, remakes, reboots, with one or two original concepts and films thrown in amidst the standard. Where has the creativity gone?? Has it completely died? The sad part is, its not just limited to films. Television has completely been devoid of it as well, but I'll get to that in part 2. One has to wonder though, will we ever see a resurgence in creativity in Hollywood film?? Only time will tell.



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