NOME 5 Preview: Tsu Surf vs Tay Roc

Tsu Surf
Newark, New Jersey 


Tay Roc
Baltimore, MD(Edgewood in Harford County)

May 9th, NOME 5(live streaming on iPPV)

Every so often in the world of battle rap, a match up comes along that makes you say "This is gonna be a classic". While that word gets thrown around too much in so many different mediums, I'd still have to put my money on this one. Two highly skilled emcees with similar styles like this hitting the big stage is the equivalent to a championship fight in Vegas. Tsu Surf vs Tay Roc is going to be a barfest the fans will love.
Tay Roc has come a long way from being the punching bag charlie clips used to give us a preview to his battle career. The Baltimore emcee built himself up to be punchline king of URL. Fans of rappers like Jadakiss and Cassidy can appreciate his "gun bars" for the clever concepts and scenarios Roc brings on stage. Bars like "he wont remember a round, I'll Young Ill Will" show he's even added some humor and personals to his lyrical weaponry. This is especially true in his more memorable battles versus names like Ill Will and Charlie Clips(twice, and the 2nd time around was a classic). As seen on URL's channel, Roc admitted Tsu Surf is somebody he looks up to and this will be a challenge.
Tsu Surf is an experienced battle rapper and no stranger to the biggest stage in the genre. Having classics going back to his early clash with Yung Ill, to his victory against Hitman Holla at the last Summer Madness, show he has the longevity to be called top tier, or a "Vet". Surf is one of the greatest performers on stage as well as a dangerous and somewhat unorthodox lyricist. Surf isnt a heavy puncher like Roc, but the concepts and creativity behind his lines put him in a class of his own in the lyrical sport. This translates to strong performances, no matter if some are debatable. He's had some weaker showings, but the wins and debatable classics outweigh the few. He is a great match up with his opponent, and will give Tay Roc a level of work he has seen few times before.

 Judging from past performances, the edge goes to Tsu Surf taking this one 2-1. Roc has grown and may flip the script with something new and exciting(no TsuNanny's please). Roc knows this is a battle the fans want, and he seldom disappoints his following. A strong personal from Roc would be a new angle from him and could potentially swing things his way. Still, Surf has been here more times and is no stranger to the resume of legends. I'm rooting for a classic battle in an event I hope to be one of the best Smack has offered. TeamDAR will be keeping an eye on the happenings of NOME5.

-M-Dee @MDizzle9000


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