The Relationship Corner Roundtable: The Single Life

The Relationship Corner: The Single Life

The title may be a bit confusing here, but today I wanted to take you into the view of those within the single life and what we all tend to go through in the single life. As a man, the bachelor life is seemingly painted glamorously, with you on your own, a bachelor pad, and a couple of options for sex frequently, right? While most of that may ring true, the single life can provide a lonely existence depending on the person. It can also provide you with ample time to focus on self, becoming a better person and exhibiting growth that could have been stunted by a bad relationship that you stayed in. I sat down with a few people and they gave their view on the single life, what comes with it and other variables.

Single life sucks. There's my opinion.

You get your "freedom" to do who or whatever, but at what cost? You give up security and the love of a good woman or man for the chance, the "opportunity" to find someone to do the same thing with. If you've someone, keep them unless they've gone completely batshit crazy. In THAT situation, being single may be a better option.

However, if kids are involved, don't just stay together for the sake of the kids. Yes, it's ideal to have two parents and your kids. But, if the love isn't there, you can't force it. You can try, you can keep trying, and eventually, you can try to the point where you and your partner hate the fuck out of each other. You have to know when to leave before it gets to that point. But, I'm all for trying to work things out with parents and avoiding baby daddy/baby mama situations and more dating craziness even though I accept that it sometimes happens.

Whatever you do, just make sure it's the best option for everyone involved.

Some people assume the single life is boring or lonely. I have a friend that thinks she can't function without being in a relationship. She has to have a relationship or else she feels depressed. I've never been that kind of person and I actually believe that you do learn a lot about yourself as a person while single. If all you know about yourself is how you act with your boyfriend or girlfriend around, then that doesn't really define who you are. That is just a representation of who you are in a relationship. Single life for me means making decisions without having to consider my partner. This sounds selfish but it's honestly just a preference.

When it comes down to single life versus a relationship, l think it comes down to your personality type. Are you happier with someone who compliments you or do you view relationships as a hassle? And then on top of that it also depends on what type of relationship you are in or are looking for. Some people are just happier single, but personally I think people do seek out relationships and enjoy what they get out of them, it all just depends on your commitment.

As someone who spent their late teens and early twenties in one relationship, single life has been enlightening to say the least. I found that the beauty of living a single life isn't in the "freedom to do what you want" but in the ability to figure out what you want, on your own terms. Too often we think that being in a committed relationship is necessary in finding a path to completion or happiness. In actuality, if you can't find those things as a single adult, you'll never find them in a relationship. What it really all comes down to is that yes, companionship is comforting, but life shouldn't be a perpetual search for a relationship. I have learned to relish in the single life and focus on finding everything I need for me, first.

I used to hate the single life. In some ways, I still do. However, I've learned quite a few valuable lessons while being single. Coming from a long term relationship where I invested so much energy and time over the years has opened my eyes to the benefits of single life. The focus is now on me. However, there are moments where I wish I was in a relationship, but I admit that those moments are pretty fleeting. There are moments where I would love to be surrounded by the essence of love with a beautiful lady, but I've grown to appreciate my alone time(which is very seldom these days, but still) and I imagine that a relationship would wear on my patience at times.

The beauty of single life is mostly just being able to learn about myself more and not have to worry about the drama and unnecessary issues. The thing that makes relationships a bit different for me is being a father. I have to go through a process to find the right woman that loves me of course, but also is good around my daughter for future reference. It makes my whole experience in dating that much more strenuous but also more thorough. I rather be single until I find the right one than seek out a relationship that doesn't work for me essentially. Don't rush anything in life period, but definitely don't rush love and a relationship. Let life take its course.



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