Classic Battles: Loaded Lux vs Murda Mook 1

Welcome to a new column here on, where we reflect on classic battles and try to determine a victor. Taking place in Harlem, two of the three kings of Harlem battle rap, Murda Mook and Loaded Lux went to head to head for 8 rounds. This battle has been heavily debated for years now, with many not able to pick a decisive winner. From the start, Lux came out swinging, with Mook seemingly getting more upset and aggressive as it went on. Round by round, we pick out their best lines, see who won each round, and ultimately decide a winner. Let's get it started!


Murda Mook:
Listen Lux/ you an infant, I rip you up/ Chew you, spit you out and watch them stitch you up/ And I'm cool once they fix you up/ Cause you got celibate gats, he would never let his pistols bust/
I love heats, I think I'm bout to market some/ This nigga flow shaky like he got Parkinson's/

Loaded Lux:
He got word from the faculty/ he nice we need a strategy/
Now I'ma put this money up, but look Mookie don't embarrass me/
Well actually that's when the dude come in/
I heard you balling, you getting some schooling in/
That nigga go come home and grow up in the same room he grew up in/

Round 1 Recap:
Both MCs came out aggressive as expected, but Lux's wordplay overall took this round for me by a slight margin.

Round 1 Winner: Loaded Lux


Murda Mook:
I'm past hot I should be living on Mars/
Here's a list of MCs that can kill you in eight bars/
Murda, Jigga, Jada, use to be Nas/
But now he on some shit about the moon and the stars/
This nigga falling off? That's just part of the cycle/
How I'm doing this little kid, y'all got me feeling like Michael/

Loaded Lux:
My raps vicious and I'm skilled with the choruses/
He still cutting crills, hustling pills like Morpheus/
Walking in the offices/
All out of order/
This lame in the game and he ain't scored a whole quarter/
A&R guy lie worse than his lawyer/
They see Mookie thirst but won't point him to the water/

Mook I rally into big bills right
Cause if I feel slim on benjamins/
Faggot we gon do it like the pilgrims and Indians/
You thought 50 had many men?/
Nigga you'll get jumped, heat and thrown in the trunk like Harry and the Hendersons/

Round 2 Recap:
This round was all Lux. Mook had some nice lines, with a random shot at Nas, but Lux spazzed out. Decisive win in that round for Lux.

Round 2 Winner: Loaded Lux


Murda Mook
Ease up, or feel more heat than twenty perms/
Half your hammers don't exist like Missy curves/
Any herbs/ want to come taste what the semi serve/
I got plenty nerve/ to crush y'all cats like sticky herb/

Loaded Lux
Should I end it yet?/
No, wait, I got time his mom's ain't finished cooking dinner yet/
I been a threat/ 
since a little dude he don't wanna keep it lyrical/
Cuz right now he look mad like he wanna get physical/

Round 3 Recap:
I didn't like that Mook stopped Lux as he was finishing his round up, but that's how it used to be in the battle world. Lux was catching fire near the end of his round, and Mook stopped him, so I edge this one to Mook, who spit his best round so far here.

Round 3 Winner: Murda Mook


Murda Mook
It's aight, it's like he's a martyr for the streets/
I'm an archer with the piece/
But I ain't got to pull no strings back, the thing clapped, 
And then BAP the target is deceased/
Wanna beef when these clowns is amongst ya/
Then all the trash talk get him found in a dumpster/

Loaded Lux
Leave the crimes for the crooks/ out your rhymes and your hooks/
You'll never see a (rap tour-raptor) cept in a dinosaur book/
If I don't drive I get pushed
I get my walk on barely/
I never been to TRL, but I'm in a car, son daily (Carson Daly)/
Now what y'all gone tell me/
Like this idiot experienced/
I'm seeing a lot of Jamie Kennedy experiments/

Round 4 Recap:
This round was very close, but Lux had bigger spots to edge it to him. Very close, but I have to give this round to Lux

Round 4 Winner: Loaded Lux


Murda Mook
I got a disease, I can't let go of the steel nine/
I'm so thirsty for a murder, trying to kill time/
Other hand I still grind/
Get rid of them big shipments/
Murda Mook, I done flipped more keys than an ignition/
Listen, all the glistening, in my hood get rid of it/
We'll take you out those chains we're like slave abolitionists/

Loaded Lux
I'm the beast with the crowded click/ 
We deep when we prowl the strip/
Trust me you don't want beef like the cows is sick/
My game polished chump/
Even if you brolic punk/
It's nothing, I get this shit jumping,  like hydrolic pumps/

Round 5 Recap:
Lux had a short round, with few quotes in it, while Mook spit some of his best lines in this round. Mook takes this round decisively.

Round 5 Winner: Murda Mook


Murda Mook
I'm a little bit picky when I'm copping a ride/
I cop 'em for show really, I don't cop em to drive/
I ain't want to push the six, I put a lot in the five/
And my Jeeps look like fuckin' helicopters inside/
I see you eyeing my jewels, when I post on the avenue/
The iron's my tool, get too close and I'm clapping you/
I'm frying the fool, if he boasts with a attitude/
You can die in a pool, or you can show me some gratitude/

Loaded Lux
And that's just how I feel/
Got the strip straight, lift weight, like I body build/ 
I don't know how he chill/
This nigga pockets is like pre-paid phones, that nigga ain't got a bill/
You ain't thugged out, Your click got a lot of liars/
You ain't dubbed out, Your whip got a lot of tire/
Man I'm snubbed out, the fifth got a lot of fire/
I'm bugged out, like a snitch with a lot of wires/
I'm still thinking how Hammer went pop/
But when he went broke, I'm like damn Hammer went pop/
Now that's the type of shit that make hammers go pop/ 
If bullets was footage, this nigga throwing cameo shots/
My people will shoot/
It's like the sequel to Roots/
You'll get shot from your tops till they reach to your roots/

Round 6 Recap:
This round is the closest round of the battle. Both MCs spit their hardest in this battle, and it is honestly too close to call. Mook and Lux came with it here.

Round 6 Winner: Debatable

Murda Mook
That's why I keep something tucked for every lil part I hear/
I got the light for your brain if you tryin' to have a smart idea/
Listen here, Mook the reason why you rappers missing here/
Yea I hear him whispering like "why he bring his business here?/
Cause I'm on a brilliant mission/
Trying to stack so much stacks that by the time I'm finished eating I'ma have a million dishes/

Loaded Lux
I'm from Harlem, where we money make/
Every hour movin' powder that's what I call getting funnel cake/
And his girl got an ass that she wanna shake/
So I'ma fill it up with more pipe than a tunnel take/

I'ma kick in the doors and buck rounds from his ruger/
He tried to exit out his windows,
He was better off shutting down his computer/
Lux now he a shooter/
Guns is better/
When that nine load, Mook ain't got to die old, but he'll stay young forever/
He like Peter Pan in Never Never Land/
My butter's like Peter Pan, it's thick and very tan/
My block is plain, I'm docking planes, hitting every land/
I've sat between more jet fans than in the Meadowlands/

Round 7 Recap:
Both MCs come with solid rounds, but Mook's problem this round seemed to be that his round was longer but featured a good amount of filler. He shines here, but Lux was more precise and straight to the point.

Round 7 Winner: Loaded Lux

ROUND 8(Final Round)
Murda Mook
Pop you got a gun, I got one too/
It's just yours can chip concrete
Mines can pop one through/
I leave a nigga jail bed stiff/
And bury him with his weight bench so he really can dead lift/

Loaded Lux
I got my cash straight/ this shit moving like a drag race/
I hit chicks with the baddest shapes, your chicks are in bad shape/
How you have dates with bitches with that face?/
Nah Mook, you fucking bitches that's Shaq weight/
You lack cake/
Cause you might as well sell jokes, with that Dave Chappelle coke,
That shit you got is half-baked/

Mook like I said you ain't gotta dime
You are outta line today/
We bought watches outta town, you know
Spent a little time away/
This nigga hating
Chill let me take my mind off it/
Cause your neck
I don't wanna take your mind off it/
I caught him in the spot
And the can jammed on him/
What made it even worse is how his man ran on him/
Scrammed on him/ I ain't even put hands on him/
My guns sound like they got hands on it/
We sold songs, you got your stroll on/
Family like Manny I got my roll on/
But Mook keep talking, I'm like why y'all amp?/
We all about balling like five star camps/

Round 8 Recap:
Mook had a few solid lines here and there, but Lux clearly won this round closing it out strong.

Round 8 Winner: Loaded Lux

Both MCs came equipped with their best that day and while Mook was great, Lux was just a tad better, especially in the last two rounds. I have it as Lux winning 5 rounds officially(maybe 6 depending on the debatable round), with Mook winning 2 rounds officially(maybe 3 depending on the debatable round). Regardless of who you give the debatable round to, the winner of the battle is Lux, either 6-2, or 5-3. Classic battle indeed.

Loaded Lux



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