Classic Battles: Math Hoffa vs T-Rex

By @MDizzle9000 

After Loaded Lux made his legendary comeback at perhaps the greatest modern battle rap event, Summer Madness 2, the culture was taken to new heights. With all of the new leagues and rookies vs vets style cards, we tend to forget the legends and classic battles that shaped what the culture looks like in 2015. T-Rex is respected by most fans, young and old, as his consistency has kept him in the game longer than any other regular performer. Math Hoffa has a more checkered history with fans, as his antics often overshadow his performance and strong pen game. Math was on the come up at the time, having had a strong run in Fight Club, and arguably beating Iron Solomon after the Dose fiasco. When these two clashed the first time, it was destined to be classic.


-The first two rounds of this battle have a good amount of comedy, the good old storytelling of how I fucked your bitch, etc. Both emcees do a good job of mixing it up, as Rex connects with his rapid punches and versatile flow. Math evens the odds with his hard hitting bars, delivery and wordplay/pen game. You get a solid Rex most of the time, aside from a few weak punchlines that get overhyped by Dot Mob's spirit squad, as usual, especially then. His first round had a nice agressive feel to it, vintage Rex. He came with solid, entertaining bars. "That scar on his face came when he fell off the skateboard", mixing the comedic imagery in with the guns and street shit. However, some of Rex's material was what you would expect vs. Math(Name flips/Dose fight). Math's first started somewhat shakey with jokes that could have been left alone(the toilet...nevermind) and these take away from the wordplay and bars(the Arsonal effect). He quickly warms up soon after, setting the tone, bringing energy and even giving us what became one of his present slogans "I know he's like finally, daddy's spending time with me".


-T-Rex started the top of the second round sounding weaker. Playing with the flow with little substance, and even ending the round early. Basic bars galore like "seen more sparks than Omilio", and a wack line that suggested that people hit Piñatas on Halloween. Hoffa opens up addressing the hyped reactions behind some of T-Rex's more lackluster quotes. He punches harder in this round, mixes in the jokes more smoothly, and introduces us to the Jamaican connect that Ill Will talks to nowadays. The feeling that a battle rapper is going straight for their opponent's neck and not just spitting a verse always earns points in my system. The battle is 1-1 at this point.

-The third is where things look to get serious on both sides. Harlem vs Brooklyn is ready to really begin here, in the era when you saved your best for last. You can hear T-Rex's whole tone change up early on. The wordplay and bars were sounding strong. "They kill that Benadryl(been a drill), they allerigic to fake n*ggas". He slipped up with the pedo bars but executed the fast  Rex flow perfectly and put forth a solid performance overall. After this, Math transforms into the beast he can become when focused. Opening the round in a more serious demeanor rapping, "They say the eyes are the window into one's soul/ in your eyes I see pussy, you a walking peep show/".Math comes with personals regarding Rex's chain getting snatched and Murda Mook overshadowing him. His T-Rex ear tumor angle gets a hilarious reaction on the stage on both sides. Overall, Math had what I would call one of the best third rounds in any battle. He hits Rex with the infamous "This is how Brooklyn do" bars that Clips channeled recently vs Rex, and stole the show. All non-lyrical factors aside and all battle rap fan biases aside, Math won this classic bout 2-1 in what I think is one of the most underrated performances on the URL. Dont take my word for it though kids, go back and watch that shit!

Math Hoffa 2-1



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