DAR Reviews: Miguel's Wildheart Album

By @TrueGodImmortal

1. a beautiful exit
2. DEAL 
3. the valley
4. Coffee
5. NWA featuring Kurupt
6. waves
7. what's normal anyway
8. Hollywood Dreams
9. destinado a morir(enter.lewd)
10. ....goingtohell
11. FLESH 
12. leaves
13. facethesun featuring Lenny Kravitz 

I admittedly was a bit late to truly discover the enjoyment of Miguel's music. I had been a fan of his initial "All I Want Is You" song, and while I really thought "Sure Thing" was a great song, I overlooked his first album. Around the release of his 2nd album, I decided to go back and check his first album out. I was pleasantly surprised with the album and as a result, I decided to purchase his 2nd album "Kaleidoscope Dream" via iTunes. Upon the purchase, I found myself singing along to "Adorn", "Pussy Is Mine", "How Many Drinks" and many other songs off the album. With the new age of artists being less about creating great art, Miguel seemed like a breath of fresh air musically. Essentially, his third album "Wildheart" is just that. A breath of fresh air in music. Kicking off with the intro-esque "a beautiful exit", Miguel starts off on an atmospheric note, letting slow harmonies carry the very simple track. The mood goes up with the funky yet somewhat soulful "DEAL", which invokes memories of some 1981 Prince music with a modern twist. The strength in this song resides in the bridge/hook, as background vocals and melodies carry it.

Miguel gets a bit lustful on "the valley", which features the straightforward lyric "I want to fuck like we're filming in the valley", of course referencing Silicon Valley, where a numerous amount of porn is filmed. The song features an off-kilter beat, with Miguel continuing what feels like paying homage to Prince vocally and hook wise. The album hits one of the highest moments with the initial single "Coffee", which is my personal favorite song on the album. The catchy melody, the infectious hook, along with the familiar sound that Miguel comes with as well. Lyrically, the song seems to go to a pretty artistic place, as many of Miguel's songs tend to. The song is a great addition to his collection of single and hits.

The next few songs are all solid, especially "NWA", with Kurupt putting forth a smooth verse over a very eclectic soundbed. The soulful nature of "waves" helps to further the album, as the melody and hook are far too catchy to ignore. Miguel loses me a bit personally with "what's normal anyway", which sounds like a song for the outcasts of the world. The song works and while I personally didn't relate to it, I can respect that perspective definitely. When we reach the "Hollywood Dreams" track, it is obvious that Miguel is focused on carving his own lane, and making music that puts him on a different level than the average. After an interlude(spelled enter.lewd here), Miguel actually strikes gold with what is probably my 2nd favorite song on the album, "...goingtohell". The song, with a dark drum pattern, a slightly sinister melody, along with an extremely catchy hook, allows Miguel to coast almost effortlessly.

One great song deserves another, right? Well, Miguel follows that up with the seductive "FLESH", a song intended for the bedroom, as Miguel speaks on being a slave to his woman's flesh/body. I must admit, the last 2 songs are not really that great to me here, as "leaves" features Miguel in great vocal form, but the actual song doesn't hold up as well as the other songs on the album. The final song, "Face The Sun", is quite catchy but suffers from sounding a bit too much like a few of the other songs on the album. That is only an issue as we reach the end of the album, and the cohesive sound overall adds more to the album period.

Miguel returned after 3 years with a new album ready to go, carving his own lane even more with this one. Wildheart is not an instant classic, the album is good enough to stand on its own and help to further Miguel's current amazing discography. All in all, an amazing listen that I recommend to all fans of great music.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Standout Songs: Coffee, FLESH, ....goingtohell, DEAL and the valley



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