Future: A Monster In Beast Mode For 56 Nights

By @ShokusApollo

As the biggest Future supporter in DAR, I guess it's only right that I discuss him in this article. He's on a very impressive run as of late after his breakup with Ciara and the underwhelming sophomore effort, Honest.

Future has an interesting career, as he has a slew of classic mixtapes,  but has yet to make an album that matches the intensity and execution of those tapes. He has classic tapes like Dirty Sprite, FBG the Movie, True Story, and No Sleep, but the albums don't carry that heat as much. I would even go as far as saying that they are almost too soft. Pluto was a bomb and Honest was a very solid album to me, but I feel it wasn't what he originally planned for it(The labels got in his ear, IMO). I think the breakup with Ciara made him hungry and angry again, and no matter who you are, pain makes better music.

That pain created Monster, his first of various mixtapes to follow. Monster actually feels like an album and if I wanted to make excuses for him, I would count that as one, but that's besides the point. The sinister motif throughout the project is what fans love and want from him. Metro Boomin killed this project with his stoner trap production, "Radical" and the title track as a great one two punch. Then you have Beast Mode that was solely produced by Zaytoven. This is personally my favorite because I think it's his most raunchy and lewd effort. "Peacoat" and "Real Sisters" are just on some gangster shit. Last but not least, 56 Nights that is handled by 808 Mafia, which is the most anthemic of the projects with songs like "Trap Niggas" and "March Madness". I love every song on all 3 of these tapes and I think they are equal so this ranking is clearly for article criteria. But I would say Monster, Beast Mode, then 56 Nights. In exact order that he released them. Another good thing about these projects is that they all end with introspective, reflective and heartfelt tracks. "Codeine Crazy", "Forever Eva" and "56 Nights" have that trippy pain feel to it. He speaks about his most recent ex, his turbulent baby mama drama, court dates, and his well documented drug addiction.

These are things that make him such a good artist to me. He can give you the turn up tracks and he can also give you songs where he shows his vulnerability, which a lot of these rappers can't do or won't do these days. He has Ape Shit with Mike Will Made It coming soon and the sequel to his classic, Dirty Sprite coming out in the near future, as well appearances on just about everyone's album/mixtape out now, Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky and Meek Mill to name a few. He's been cranking nothing but hits since 2014 ended and 2015 began. Many people seem to forget that he is Dungeon Family and he lives up to it. He's hated by many who consider him to be garbage but those are the same people think that artists like Boosie, Yo Gotti and Fetty Wap are real which is why their opinions don't matter. Take a listen to these three projects as you ride out for the night. Guarantee you'll enjoy them.



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