The BET Awards Review

Hey, all. Speed on the Beat here. So, you're probably expecting me to spew venom about the BET Awards. After all, BET is, at times, "garbage" when it comes to presenting an accurate look at the Black experience. Surprisingly, this year, we were given a solid show from top to bottom. While there were a few miscues (Diddy falling, Ne-Yo performing Smokey, Anthony Anderson portraying Luscious Lyon, Smokey, while being a legend, kind of rambling in his speech at points, etc.), the good outweighed the bad.

One of the highlights for me, outside of Smokey's speech, even with Diddy falling, was the Bad Boy tribute. Nostalgia coursed through my veins. I danced as if my shiny suit was pulled out of storage. For ten minutes, every ounce of cool I had left and I had a dance contest with my kid. He won, convincingly, but it was something that was beautiful.

When Tom Joyner came up for the Humanitarian Award, I applauded. While I'm not the product of an HBCU, I get where he came from in his speech. And even though I'm not the biggest proponent of going to an HBCU just because it's an HBCU, his sentiment of "nobody should tell our story better than us" is one that echoes throughout this very site. So, there must be a salute given there.

Patty LaBelle slayed (I'm using that right, aren't I? "Slayed?"). But, it's Patty. She's a legend and was able to pull K. Michelle's thick ass and Tamar Braxton together. Plus, anytime we see Patty is legendary.

Nicki Minaj, on the other hand, by the end of the night, look like she was slayed by some good something. Look at her Viewer's Choice acceptance speech. That Pinkprint weed must be something fucktardedly amazing. My God! I love Nicki's energy, but she was GONE!

Finally, let's talk one of the big moments of the show: the Janet Jackson tribute. Ciara, Tinashe, and Jason Derulo (who I still hear him singing his name on every damn track he puts out) performed. They went through some Janet standards, and they were effortless. However, I was slightly underwhelmed, possibly because she didn't perform and partly because they were Janet standards. Janet's speech was quite on point, though.

All in all, it was a solid show. It wasn't a (had to), but it was pretty solid regardless.


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