The Relationship Corner: Comfort Levels

By @CurlsandSports

We're all humans, and certain bodily functions that come from us are natural but to our partners, it may be gross. Don't act like you shit flowers now. We all know what comes out of that exit whether it's solid or liquid form. But to not go too deep into that topic just yet, there are many things that we prevent ourselves from doing in front of our significant other just because of what they might think of you.

Let's start off with the lesser evil: burping. Some people find it really classless to see people burping. Now, if you've reached the level of comfort where you can burp freely, at least say excuse me. Now some of you may say it's gross to do it flat out but admit it-you burp just as much as the next person: don't act up.

Now on to passing gas from the other end. Yes, farting. We all fart, whether it be silent farts, loud ones, or whatever fart you can think of. We're not even going to call it "passing gas" because we all know you fart. Depending on who farts first, this will be the long running joke till the other party farts & it's okay to do so. Why is it that we find it funny when it comes to comedy but in relationships, we pretend it doesn't exist? If you're still shy and don't want to fart in front of him or her, I suggest you don't hold it in because you'll definitely cause some major stomach issues. Someone has to fart sometime so might as well should get it started. There's a saying that goes, "Fart & you feel the shame or hold it in & feel the pain." You decide.

When you find yourself on the toilet, there are two options. Either you pee or you know what. Yes, you're pooping. The way your digestive system works, pooping is as natural as breathing but the fear of having to go when you're with your significant other will make you shit your pants, pun intended. There is no right way to say this, "Babe, I have to take a shit." You're going to get a face but you know what, you're probably going to get a giggle out of them too because of how funny it sounds. Once again, we tell our friends, and in the most vulgar of ways, "Yo I gots to drop a deuce (Editor's Note: Women do??)" , but yet, our significant other won't hear those words for a while. Another natural bodily function that can be easily communicated if we put aside our inner coward.

To answer the question posted, there is no clear time. You were probably waiting for specific time like after 6 months but no, these things are inevitable and announce without any warning. If it happens, move along and then you'll soon see how natural your natural bodily functions will be the new norm.


Erika F


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