The Relationship Corner: The Engagement Ring Thirst

By @CurlsAndSports

Social media may have fucked us all up. As sexist as this may sound, this topic must be discussed because often we see and hear about it. I'm here to sound off about engagement proposals and legitimately touch upon every aspect of it that have been ruined by some women.

The beginning of a relationship is truly a beautiful thing. You never know what you're going to get. This guy you're in a relationship may be your husband one day, but hold your horses. No need to get ahead of ourselves now, especially since the relationship just started. Let's fast forward about a year or two. These days, I've been hearing that some women have given their guy ultimatums. In other words, if you don't marry me, we're breaking up. There are just so many things wrong with this, and it is mainly you. To add to it, you have to be a new breed of fucked up to even do that. Last time we checked, the man buys the ring, not you. Why anticipate anything that hasn't even happened yet? This also shows a sign that you may not even really care about the relationship, if that's the level you've reached. Even if this isn't the case, what point were you trying to prove by saying that? Some women want to rush to the alter these days so fast instead of enjoying their relationship to its fullest. One day at a time, young grasshopper.

Another trend I've seen which is shameful, are women that say to certain men, "That's the ring I want. Start saving up." That's exactly what your guy wants to hear. As a superstitious person, that's the last thing I would ever say. Things like that tend to jinx the relationship in a negative way. Why are you rushing to get a ring that you probably will forget to put on?

Women tend to forget the pressure that men have on them to propose as well. As a female, I can probably agree that it's a tough thing to do because of the fear of hearing a no. It's a beautiful moment when you want to join your life with someone else's and that requires zero rush. You shouldn't be influenced by anybody and that's unacceptable.

Don't underestimate the dude you're dating. If he's ready to make that step to drop down to one knee, I'm sure that he'll know who to contact to make sure he gets the ring you want. Your friends are his detectives. The whole rushing to get proposed to is a topic that has rubbed me the wrong way because of what social media has turned it into. Girls post photos of the ring first instead of photos of the guy on one knee. You're free to post as you want but don't forget to post who put that ring on you.

In closing, stop begging for a ring and enjoy your relationship. Honestly, not to be a negative Nancy, yall might break up anyway and you've wasted time dropping clues.


Erika F.


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