The Underrated: MJG- No More Glory

Wassup, what's happening, it's the Black AX back in effect with my second edition of The Underrated, shining a light on a member of one of the most underrated duos in hip hop history, MJG. Today, I'm discussing his 1997 debut solo album, No More Glory. Coming off a string of 3 strong albums with his partner 8Ball, both members decided to work on solo projects for the 1st time in their careers. MJG delivers unique flows, multiple topics and lyricism that is slept on. No More Glory is an album with tremendous production from T Mixx on Suave House Records and every track goes in. The wildest part of this album is that it was unfinished due to issues with Suave House president Tony Draper. MJG, his entire career, has been underrated, so let's delve into this project.

1. Keep Your Mind

-Great intro where MJG talks about not letting adversity change your mindset and being patient. He even touched on his past and persevering through tough times.

2. Hip Hop Voodoo 

-MJG is here just zoning out on critics from pinned up frustration. Thev3rd verse is the best on this song. The line "statistics telling you part of the story to keep you slow", was impactful lowkey. On an amazing beat by T Mixx(who laced this whole album) that might be my favorite on the album.

4. Good Damn Man

-An 8Ball and MJG project cant be complete without Mr. Pimp Tight himself rapping about pimpin. Hella game being spit in this song, especially in verse 2. Rodney Ellis with the notes in the background added a nice touch to this track.

5. Shine and Recline(feat 8Ball)

-One of the few collabs with 8Ball,  this track was flames, from the relaxing yet amazing beat to both verses from the duo.

6. That Girl (feat Rodney Ellis)

-On a Stevie Wonder sample flip, MJG comes completely different with an uplifting, genuine, and positive song for the ladies. Great lyrics and flow delivered by MJG here, his most versatile song here. Lol @ the dance moves at the end of the video though.

7. Slippin

-MJG droppin gems about people plotting against you and trying to rob you. I hate the skit in the middle of the song, but this track was good nonetheless and talks about deceptive muthafuckas.

8. Take No Shit (feat the Fedz and Bun B)

-Self explanatory by the title. Everyone delivers on this track, but Bun B might've had my favorite verse on here.

9. Pimpin' Aint Easy

-Rodney Ellis takes over here with a great singing voice. He sings melodically over this smooth beat. This song is just a nice joint to burn one to for sure.

10. Black Mack is Back (feat. 8Ball)

-On another collab with 8Ball, they feed off the track from before, but this time with a more harsh delivery about pimping.

11. No More Glory

-Full of frustration, MJG talks about fronting artist who he feels he is better than getting more shine. This is his venting track on here. The energy in the beat and hook makes this my personal favorite song on this project.

12. What Is This 

-MJG's mind wonders about different scenarios, going to his past, pondering about the good and bad about being a rapper coming up and not getting his just due. "A lot of rappers aint who they portray they was" is a standout line as this song was a shot at a lot of rappers who didn't keep it real.

14. Dont Hold Back

-One of the more upbeat songs on the project, the beat included with the vibe of the song is perfect for a party and to dance to. Another example of MJG's versatility, as he's able to hop on a dance track and not sound awkward.

16. Hard But Fair

-MJG once again spitting game about the harsh realities of pimpin' and the mindset that a lot of pimps have. Songs like this make you feel that he grew up around that shit heavily in Memphis.

17. Middle of the Night(feat. 8Ball)

-Perfect smoking song as Ball & G float on this beat. This is what made them so dope, they made relatable music.

MJG doesn't get the credit he deserves. This album, even though an incomplete project and was released without his consent, was still a classic solo project here. From beats to lyrics to content, No More Glory is one of the most criminally underrated projects in Hip Hop history.



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