The Underrated: Twista- Resurrection


In this edition of The Underrated, we highlight the extremely slept on 1994 sophomore album from Twista called "Resurrection". Coming off his debut album "Runnin Off At Da Mouth" under the name Tung Twista back in 1991-1992, a lot of artists (mainly Treach, The Beatnuts and Del The Funky Homosapien) and skeptics questioned Twista's lyrical ability as his debut album mainly focused on how fast he could rap. In 1991, this was seen as a gimmick, but he displayed a different side to himself on "Resurrection". In an unfortunate turn of events, Atlantic Records dropped his album "Resurrection" the same exact year that Common dropped his sophomore album of the same name, putting this slept on project on the shelf (was only released in Chicago when it dropped) and leaving Twista unnoticed until his classic album Adrenaline Rush revived his career. We'll now delve into his 2nd album.

1. Da Resurrection(Intro)

-The intro served as a fuck you to all the critics who slept on his lyrics. A nice grimy beat to set the scene and Twista delivered 2 strong verses.

2. Suicide (Remix)

-One of the most underrated diss songs of all time, point blank period. Twista unloaded on Treach for saying his style was "all flash and no substance". His lyricism was on another level on all 3 verses, and like I mentioned earlier Del and the Beatnuts caught strays in here for dissing his style as well. Twista proved them wrong again by slowing it down and executing this song perfectly.

3. Animosity Kills

-You can tell he had a lot of frustration for not having his style respected by his peers. Twista once again proved on this track he wasn't a slouch on the mic here as well.

4. Street Paranoia

-Underrated storytelling track where Twista depicts the negatives of the inner city from drugs to young kids being influenced by their surroundings. Deepest song on the album by far.

5. React With A Mic ft. Dres from Black Sheep

-Continuing the trend of showing that he was a better lyricist then given credit for, Twista recruited a NY rapper and blacked out once again.

6. Scat like That

-Twista was scatting on a jazz beat while still being lyrical. This is the only song he rapped fast on, but his basis was scatting and not the tongue twisting style we're used to.

7. Return 

-Twista's experimenting continued as he tried a somewhat reggae style on here. Once again displaying lyrical dexterity.

8. Dirt on the Down Low 

-On another storytelling track Twista uses the point of view of a young desperate kid trying to obtain money and material things. He throws out a few options and points out the negativity that comes with it.

9. Shadow Boxin

-Probably the most slowed down Twista has been on a track, but once again that frustration and lyricism was unleashed on this track. Best hook on the project too also.

10. All About The Papes 

-Another deep concept track talkin about the appeal of needing and wanting money no matter the circumstances.

11. One Shot One Kill featuring B-Hype & Speedknot Mobstaz 

-My personal favorite song off the album. Just an old school cypher spit fest on a dope saxophone instrumental as everyone delivered, but this nigga Twista blacked out on his verse (starting at 5:11) This is definitely a top 5 Twista verse.

12. Suicide(Original Version)

It's a shame his label wouldn't release this album because of a similar name from another artist, because this is arguably some of Twista's best work, and it went unreleased and unnoticed. The transition and growth he made from his 1st album to this project was amazing. It is unfortunate a lot of people think his career started with Adrenaline Rush, because he had a good amount of underrated gems on "Resurrection". Until next time, it's the Black Ax signing off playboy.

-Black Ax


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