The Warriors Win. Now What?

By Speed on the Beat (@SpeedontheBeat)

Glory to the Lord (see what I did there?), as the Golden State Warriors won this year's NBA Championship four games to two against The Evil Empire the Cleveland Cavaliers (sorry Apollo). Aided by Andre Iguodala (Finals MVP), Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and the rest, the Warriors clawed back and never looked back. But, now that the Feel Good Story of The NBA Season has come to a close, now what?

For starters, the Super Splash Brothers probably won't be able to splash as much. Right?, not exactly. Since they've come into the league, their combined three-pointers have inched up and up to this year's high of 525 threes on around 44% shooting. Simply put, even though it's no longer a secret, there aren't many players in the league who can stop these two.

What about the bench? Surely you can't have a bench player like Iggy repeat those numbers again, playoffs or not. Right? Ehhh...again, I'm going to have to side with the Warriors. Andre Iguodala, before this season, was a solid starter with teams such as the 76ers. He was the emotional leader of the team when Steph kind of fell back. Now I'm not saying that Iggy stays happy with being a sixth-man for the rest of his career, as he's still only 30, 31. But, I expect him to bounce back to his pre 2013-2014 form and contend for a starting gig--hopefully in Golden State.

Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes, I see these two becoming their own Big Two of sorts. Essentially, what I'm saying is this: while the Warriors may not win every year, they should at least contend every year for the foreseeable future. The beauty about Golden State is that it's not exactly a Big Three sort of team in that everyone carries a great deal of the weight and puts the team on their shoulders at times. As long as no one gets a big head or tries to coach their way out of a job, expect them like you expect Jesus to come back (had to give a shoutout to Pac).


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