WIRTB: Vanilla Ice

...I'm going to say something which may sound trolly. Vanilla Ice, for who he is and for what he came to/does represent, isn't that bad. 

Sure, "Ice Ice Baby" is possibly one of the worst songs to be released (Not only does it bastardize "Queen," it's just not that good) in the hip-hop genre. But, Vanilla Ice is a more-competent rapper than some of the artists out today. For instance, he can at least stay on beat, most of the time. He just gets a bad rap because of the fallout from "Ice Ice Baby," perhaps rightfully so, among so-called "real rap" fans.

If you may recall, around the time that song blew up, his record label started putting out multiple biographies. This was done to, y'know, give him more street cred and make him seem more thuggish and ruggish than he potentially was. In other words, kind of like Stitches, minus the blow and AKs in his video(s). Ice wasn't built like that, but his label wanted him to be.

So, he went with it, putting out shit that was further and further away from where he was comfortable. It took disappearing from the public eye, some suicide attempts, and some bricks in his face (and maybe MC Hammer, since they used to tour together and Hammer is all about keeping people on the up-and-up) for him to realize something: in addition to not being "built"--well, at least not to the point that the record label made him out to be--he wasn't built for mainstream rap.

After rejecting the mainstream, Ice started touring with people like ICP. Now, I'm not a Juggalo. I don't really get it. But, they're a tight-knit bunch of people. So, for ICP to take Ice in and accept him? That had to mean he wasn't as "manufactured" as "Ice Ice Baby" made many of us to believe. And he's, for better or worse, still dropping shit and still performing. Who would've thought that the white guy who had a run-in with Suge Knight'd be still doing halfway well. And it's not just because he's white, either...I don't think so, anyway.

Anyhow, I reiterate: Ice deserves the shit he's gotten over the years for songs such as "Ice Ice Baby." He deserves every fucking ounce of vitriol he gets for that song--and songs like it (even though, admittedly, it's catchy as hell). But, was he/is he really that bad? Eh...no. Not really. He just needed time to find his niche in hip-hop and music in general.


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