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DAR Interviews: Raychiel(@RAYCHIELOVESU)

Controversy creates cash. Thus, in today's age of social media, creating a name for yourself on social media is a surefire way to possibly turn a profit. One thing that will always draw attention are beautiful women. From amateur porn stars to cam girls to instagram models, the phenomenon of marketing yourself via social media has become the new wave. There is no better proponent of this than the story of Raychiel, a naturally pretty woman who raised eyebrows when her pictures began looking more and more photoshopped or altered. What followed is a backlash from the people of social media, but also a ton of attention on her, allowing her to grow her brand. Today, True sits with Raychiel and discusses who she is, her social media spat against fellow personality Arianna (@AriannaTheAngel), and what her goals are going forward.

1. Who is Raychiel? I know that's a different question to start with, but there seems to be a misconception out there about you.

Raychiel: I'm a regular girl next door with titties and bills who got a buzz off of Twitter and Tumblr, my following is organic in a sense that I never did anything like WSHH to get thousands of followers. Just through the years since 2009, I've developed a following.

2. Where are you from?

Raychiel: I'm from the Bay Area, Vallejo, California to be exact. 

3. Did you expect to gain such an internet presence like you have? Was it a shock or was this in someway premeditated?

Raychiel: It honestly was like a snowball effect. That was not the intent, because when I got on Twitter back in 2009, over-night internet fame and instagram modeling careers weren't a thing yet. So it honestly just happened so fast and before I knew it, here I was. Now I see all these girls aspiring to be in this position and I'm like, I guess. This is not like an aspiration, not long term at least, all you get is people in your business thinking they know you and maybe a couple racks for appearances.

4. Your photos have caused quite the uproar due to the believed usage of photoshop and photo altering. How would you respond to those accusations?

Raychiel: I laugh out loud to those accusations at this point, because i am on VladTV and I stream live on Periscope and I'm now accepting bookings. I'm open to photoshoots and hosting, I have a photoshoot in SF next month, I've met followers, I'm pretty sure if i was not the same girl in person, I would not be able to do any of that. Haters have a role and winners have their role. Adversity is a growing pain.

5. How do you deal with all the mentions and jokes towards you? Does it bother you at all, or do you just tend to block it out?

Raychiel: I don't deal with it.  My hate has died down after the Vlad thing and popping up on periscope. Hate now is actually helping me in the long run because I get websites like DAR inquiring about who I am. So for the people who are laughing now, they cry later. All for nothing, I dont respond.

6. With the Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and many more police related situations, along with the confederate flag ordeals, how does it make you feel seeing racism grow even more in this day and age?

Raychiel: It's ironically giving minorities enlightenment about who they really are to this world historically and scientifically, because people are starting to uplift each other and wonder why other people clearly want us to have an oppressed state of mind, who are we really for the world to want to beat us down literally.

7. You have been engaged in a feud of sorts via the internet with another thick female named Arianna The Angel, I believe. How and why did that begin?

Raychiel: Back in 2011 I believe, she had a Twitter, and she got compared to me often, though people say I'm the prettier one and I have more twitter followers, her response was "ew". When I got a buzz, she went from "ew" to "yea, we do look alike, she is the prettier version". She asked on Twitter who had a better body than her, people said "@RAYCHIELOVESU" and ever since then, her tweets and her image morphed into me. She then bragged about smashing a guy I mentioned curving, who the world knows as Ian Connor, and he's known for dressing nice and fucking hoes. I'm being quiet about it all, even though I personally can't stand being imitated, because I'm not a person that shits on other people just because I can. She gets followers and now it becomes "we dont look alike". Then she waits until this rumor about me being fake blows up in January of this year to say "yea, except my hair, eyes, and body is real", in response to another comparison tweet. I know her hair is fake because she never shows her hairline, her hair looks plastic and it's always different lengths. I've had a weave before, I know what it looks like, my family does hair, you wear weaves girl, and weave is fine, so why lie. She got exposed for being catfish two years ago on twitter from a guy she Skyped, who got a screen-shot of her half naked, and around that same time she got blasted for a picture she had as her Twitcon with the back door bending that she quickly deleted. There's a photoset of her she posted in the same outfit that someone recently split up and made into a gif and her body looks dramatically different in both pictures. She posed in the same outfit in the photoset she posted and she didn't edit herself the same in both of them. Every time someone says something about a picture being fake, she deletes the picture. Her videos are always stiff or angled weird, like shes trying to hide something. I know when someone is full of shit. She's calling me fake because hating me is the new black in 2015, when I personally know she's bluffing and using this as an opportunity to compete. I know what she posts because I follow everyone back and we have the same audience. I watched her go from "ew" to "yea we look alike" to acting and making herself look exactly like me, to talking bad about me when she had the chance. She is wack. 

8. Last question, what do you plan to do with the attention that has come your way now? Do you have any aspirations or dreams that you see this helping with?

Raychiel: My short term goal is to have a successful podcast that's prospering on iTunes. I have an organic audience that equally cares about my mind as much as they do my looks, which is rare as fuck. I like to enlighten and spread knowledge in all aspects, because my mind dissects things and puts them back together, which as a result gives me an unpopular perspective that influences people. I've culturally started a couple empowering movements, just from getting a lot of retweets. Twitter is an extremely powerful platform because it directly influences culture, especially black culture. I influence people to think outside the presets of which they have been given, because I have a clever, ignorant and funny way of putting my words together and then my looks combined appeals to a conscious audience and an ignorant audience. Right now, I'm currently getting ready for shoots so I can have professional shots for moves like that, and I'm also about to start doing photo shoots for fun.  I think in the midst of putting these plans into action for myself naturally, people are going to look stupid, because the more connections I make, the more I put myself out there, what are you going to say, I'm somehow edited live in action doing all of this too? Oh.


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  1. This chick has been catfishing for an entire decade. She has severe delusions of photoshop and it's hilarious to read "her eyes, hair and body are real", when all of it is the work of photoshop.


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