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DAR Reviews: Lil Wayne's Free Weezy Album

01. Glory (Prod. Onhel, Avenue & Infamous)
02. He’s Dead (Prod. Kane Beatz & T.O.D.A.Y. For The Building Productions)
03. I Feel Good (Prod. Infamous & T@)
04. My Heart Races On (Feat. Jake Troth) (Prod. Jake Troth)
05. London Roads (Prod. London)
06. I’m That Nigga (Feat. Hoodybaby) (Prod. Onhel)
07. Psyho (Feat. Leah Hayes) (Prod. Infamous)
08. Murda (Feat. Capo, Cory Gunz & Junior Reid) (Prod. Reefa Beats)
09. Thinking Bout You (Prod. T@ & Infamous)
10. Without You (Feat. Bibi Bourelly) (Prod. Nascent & Sakwe)
11. Post Bail Ballin (Prod. Develop)
12. Pull Up (Feat. Euro) (Prod. Twice As Nice Productions)
13. Living Right (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) (Prod. T@ & Infamous)
14. White Girl (Feat. Jeezy) (Prod. Infamous)
15. Pick Up Your Heart (Prod. Cool & Dre)

This is certainly confusing. An album from Lil Wayne that it is not a part of The Carter series or I Am Not A Human Being series. Stuck in contract hell with his original label Cash Money Records after decades of loyalty to them, Wayne brings us this Free Weezy Album that illustrates where his mind is at this time. After his return with "Sorry For The Wait 2", which fell a bit flat, Wayne admittedly sounds much more aggressive on FWA than he has in a while. The album is almost from the perspective of an artist struggling with everything going on.

Reminiscent of "I Am A Human Being(Part 1)", Wayne kicks off the album with the hard knocking track "Glory", which features Wayne at his best(well since like 2011) as he spits rapid fire for 5 minutes. Wayne loses me a bit when he gets to the next song "He's Dead", which seems to signal this is the end of the previous era Weezy. The beat itself was actually decent, Wayne just suffered from his usual fault of saying very little in his verses. "I Feel Good", with an obvious James Brown sample is quite unnecessary, as his verses suffer once again from lackluster punchlines. The sample is instantly recognizable, and I think that might work in a bad way for the song. Wayne picks up again with a more serious song "My Heart Races On", as Wayne begins speaking his soul over the laid back melodic track.

Wayne takes us back to 1999 in a way with "I'm That Nigga", as the beat is reminiscent of a bouncy Mannie Fresh type production. The features from Capo and Cory Gunz on the song "Murda" don't really add anything, and the song sounds a bit outdated honestly. Wayne brings some solid lines and an aggressive verse, but the guests fall just a bit short. The album reaches the peek with the smooth and melodic "Without You", as Wayne raps effortlessly backed by a very nice hook and solid track. Wayne honestly seems like this album is almost his soul searching moment. Going through his legal battle and drama with CMR might be taking its toll and some of the more serious songs here reflect that.

Truthfully, "Post Bail Ballin" sounds like a Carter 4 leftover and that's not a good thing. Wayne and Euro trade bars back and forth on the solid "Pull Up" and Wayne and Wiz Khalifa kill a sinister beat on "Living Right". The album ends strongly with Jeezy and Wayne creating an anthem and a dope song to ride out to with "White Girl". The final song "Pick Up Your Heart" ends the album and is an awfully strange note to end this album, but the song itself isn't too bad. Wayne has moments of brilliance on this album, but seems like he is still getting his form back. If he goes back in, there's a chance he can make a great album once he fully regains his focus. At least with Free Weezy Album, he shows that he is on his way. Time will tell.

Rating: 6 out of 10
Standout Songs: Glory, My Heart Races On, Without You, Pull Up, Living Right


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