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DAR Roundtable: The 3 Biggest Disappointments in Hip Hop

In hip hop, there are plenty of artists who are hyped up that don't live up to it. There are magazines, publications, labels, movements, and more that are so hyped.... But just don't live up to it. Some artists, magazines, and movements start off well, then fizzle out shortly after, unfortunately. Today, we sat down to come up with a collection of our 3 biggest disappointments in hip hop. Take a look at our list and tell us your opinion below in the comments section.


1. Jay Electronica

-The biggest all time disappointment of hip hop. He has perhaps the best lyrics of all time, but nothing to show for it. Songs like "Voodoo Man" and "Katrina, The Levees Broke" are just mesmerizing and yet it is for nothing. He has no album and keeps promising it will come out, but it will be for naught, because he has lost momentum. One of my all time favorites but he's a huge disappointment.

2. Lupe Fiasco

-He was a promising young artist. His first 2 albums are great and some of my favorite music to ever come out. But ever since he performed on the VH1 Hip Hop Honors concert, he showed his true colors. He botched a classic line by the Tribe and didn't own up to it. He became a whiny bitch pretty much. The albums he has released since then are mostly blah and I think he has realized through all his public spats with fans that he's not liked anymore. Good riddance.

3. Papoose

-Might not be a popular pick but oh well. All the hype he had with his mixtapes and a often shelved debut album lived up to nothing. But, at least he got a bad chick in Remy Ma. Right?


1. DMX

-First, I've got to say that DMX and his inability to stay out of trouble is number one on my list. It hurts me because I'm a huge DMX fan. But, if he got the mental health help he sorely needed, we wouldn't hear about his run-ins with the law. And Dark Man X wouldn't be a punchline in music. People would've considered him a GOAT instead of someone who's washed and a basket case. Come back, DMX. Rap needs you.

2. Hipster Backpack Rap Movement

-Second, the backpack rap movement of the late 2000s. Why do I call this a disappointment? Well, for starter's, there were some great groups in that movement that became casualties for one reason or another. Cool Kids, Pac Div, The Pack (yes, they were more party rap, but there was depth to their lyrics. Plus #TYBG), and so on. So many groups. So many artists who are considered irrelevant now. And that's some bullshit because they were all, for the most part, talented.

3. The Wu-Tang Clan 2010s Comeback

-Lastly, the last couple Wu-Tang albums fit in this category, especially when compared to their earlier stuff. Wu-Tang Clan was nothing to fuck with. That is, until, they wanted to charge a million bucks for one album and released rehashes of their earlier works. If I wanted 36 Chambers, I'd listen to 36 Chambers. But, yeah...I'm gonna need Wu to stop trying to recreate the early 1990s. We've got Joey Bada$$ for that...even though he and this new New York movement is another story entirely at times.


1. The Source

-What once was the "BIBLE" of Hip-Hop has become a joke. The 5 Mic system use to really MEAN something. It was like winning the Super Bowl or the WWE Championship to a lot of rappers. Now, they give it to albums such as Trill OG, MBDTF and those albums never truly DESERVED IT. Printed media being an afterthought is also what caused the downfall for The Source. People don't really read magazines anymore and HipHopDX is kinda running things with the rap website game. The Source failed to adapt and now they perished.

2. Rick Ross

-A mafioso rapper who gained his stage name from a notorious drug dealer by the actual name of Freeway Ricky Ross. When pictures leaked of him being a correctional officer, a lot of fans including myself were shocked and disappointed that this rapper who seemed to know the kind of lifestyle he rapped about and supported so welll was actually on the opposing side the entire time. Though he bounced back from that weird time, a lot of people will always look at Ross as a fraud.

3. World Class Wrecking Cru

-....... nuff said.


1. Lil Wayne

-I really don't NEED to elaborate on that, but I will. Pretty much everything after Da Drought 3 and pieces of No Ceilings was the most disappointing thing I could imagine in my life at the time. Every time. I should probably disclose my undying love for Dwayne Carter. Judge all you want, it doesn't change the fact that I was completely sure that he would be my favorite rapper forever. But, alas. He proceeded to let me down project after project for years. Of course, there are a million and one reasons or excuses as to why he "fell off", but reality is, none of that matters in the long run. Lately, he's been putting out quality verses and I enjoyed FWA, but I'm not sure anything can bring him back from the abyss.

2. Bun B

Okay, don't crucify me yet. I know, I know, UGK 4 Lyfe. All that. But in all honesty, Bun B has been a let down to the hiphop community, specifically locally. He's more a concierge for the city of Houston than anything at this point. Of course he's entitled to do as he pleases, but he is and forever will be considered a "legend" here. With that title comes power and leverage. For some reason, he refuses to use either of those things to help progress or elevate Houston music culture. Anyway, he doesn't have any requirements as to what he does, but we are talking about my disappointments right now and Bun is one of the biggest.

3. Charles Hamilton

I'm not gonna argue this one with anyone, but I was rooting for Charles Hamilton. The Pink Lavalamp was greatness. I wasn't the only one who thought he was going to takeoff, as critics put him at the top of the game basically. He was featured on the XXL Freshman cover before it was a pile of steaming, meaningless shit and Interscope signed him right before that. Dude could rap. The whole equation. Then he lost his damn mind. His personal life and that whole J Dilla thing turned most people off of him that were previously supportive of his efforts. All in all, I knew he was destined for greatness. Then, reality struck.


1. The New Era(s) of New York Rap

-New York was on top of hip hop in the 1990s. Wu, Mobb, Nas, Tribe, Hov, De La, DMX, etc... And it carried over into the 2000s with the new age of 50, D-Block, Dipset, Fab, etc as well. However, once we got to 2006.... Something changed. New York completely lost everything it had before. Papoose, Saigon, Tru Life, Uncle Murda, etc... This was the next era of NY rap?? Are you kidding me? Then move onto Bobby Shmurda, French Montana, Troy Ave and these type of cats? Yeah.... I think not. NY completely was lost after 2005, and they have never regained footing. The next saviors of NY have failed consistently, even A$AP Rocky was a bit off for a while until his most recent album IMO. Will NY rap ever recover?

2. Jay Electronica

-Jay Electronica is one of my favorite rappers of the 2000s, behind KRIT, Phonte, and Blu. My gripe here is that he really has nothing to show for it. He is one of the best lyricists I've heard in decades, but how often does he put out music? Let's be honest here.... One song a year ain't enough. Since 2007, he's been poised to drop an album and nothing. NOTHING. Excuses are all Jay Elec offers, in the form of "would you rather a dope song once a year, or a bunch of albums over a few years", which is the dumbest shit I have ever heard. Nigga, give us one album. Or two albums over the last few years. Something. Your album been ready for 5 years but nothing. Great, you're nice on the mic and a supreme lyricist. That means nothing without an album to show for it. D'Angelo disappeared for 15 years, Lauryn Hill only has 2 group albums and one official solo(Unplugged joint counts to me too), Maxwell disappeared for 8 years, some rappers disappear for years too, but guess what???? They all have at least released one official album or more. Jay Elec has been with Roc Nation going on 7 years, and nothing. Just a few performances, random great songs, and a flurry of tweets every 5 months. Truly a disappointment.

3. Canibus

-You know what? Canibus was supposed to be the dude. In the late 90s, he had a great chance of being the next dude up. He went to battle with LL, and while ending up as the loser to most, lyrically he bested LL to me. He never recovered after that beef, and even attempted to boost relevance again via battle rap, taking on Dizaster and choking before pulling out a notepad and attempting to read his lyrics. That might have been the saddest moment ever in battle rap. Ever. Canibus is a great lyricist, but his potential was never reached.

Who do you consider the top 3 disappointments? Let us know here!


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