Retrospective: The Best 50 Cent Songs

Today is July 6th, and the 40th birthday of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. He has built up quite the legacy over the last 15 years, becoming one of the most controversial figures in hip hop. His antics and business moves at times tend to overshadow his music, but make no mistake about it, 50 has always been solid with the music. We compiled a list of 50's best solo songs below. Agree or disagree? Have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below.

*How To Rob

-Of course. How can you have a list of 50's best songs without the song that brought him to the dance. 50, hungry to get on, wrote this song naming all the famous rappers he would rob. Controversial, yet highly entertaining, the song got 50 the attention he was looking for... And some he probably wasn't at well.

*Ghetto Qu'Ran

-Some label this a dry snitching song and while that may have some truth to it, 50 is at his best reflecting on experiences from his hood. He talks about the legendary gangstas and hood niggas from his area backed by a smooth beat and an extremely catchy sing-songy hook(which 50 had been using already before Ja Rule actually started rolling with a singing style).

*Fuck You

-This is 50 at his absolute best. Most of his Power Of The Dollar music that was non-commercial showcased 50 on his shit. With aggression and a chip on his shoulder, 50 spits some tough verses backed by a great beat with the scratches and samples that added an extra touch(and a hook)

*Piece By Piece

-A rare gem that was recorded in that POTD period I believe features 50 talking his shit accompanied by a laid back piano driven beat.

*Many Men

-50's "Get Rich or Die Tryin" is an undisputed hip hop classic and this is probably his most sinister track as 50 talks about those who want him dead, those who tried to kill him and that he's here to make his mark. One of the best songs on the entire album, if not the best.


-Another front runner for the best song on GRODT, as 50 talks murderous over a scorching Dr. Dre(and company) beat. My personal favorite from GRODT

*Ryder Music

-I've always felt that The Massacre was a slept on album and this is one of 50's best songs on that album, as well as in general. Coasting over a smooth Hi-Tek track, 50 spits some dopeness backed by a catchy hook.

*A Baltimore Love Thing

-Hands down, one of the most underrated songs ever from 50. 50 details the story of the drug heroin and its relationship with an addict. Speaking as the drug, 50 creates a classic track that showcased his creativity, something he didn't do as well on GRODT.

*Ski Mask Way

-Probably the best song on The Massacre, 50 skates over a soul sampled track on his robbery shit. 50 sounds the best he's ever sounded on this track.

*Hustler's Ambition

-Released on the GRODT movie soundtrack, 50 talks about his hustle over a Maze sampled beat with another surefire catchy hook backing 50's dreams and ambitions.

*When It Rains It Pours

-One of my favorite 50 tracks ever, he spits some real shit over a solid slow Dr. Dre(and company) track talking about life's ills and trying to overcome in his environment.

*Make A Movie Out Em

-This was featured on G-Unit Radio 21, and over a soulful banging Illmind production, 50 hits with some of his hardest shit ever. The murderous hook also adds to the fire.

*Puppy Love

-Released on G-Unit Radio 22, this extremely soulful production, reminiscent of a Kanye circa 2003-2004 beat, allows 50 to spit about his love life growing up and failed romances. Would have loved to see this song make it onto an album as it would have been perfect.


-Seemingly frustrated with the way things were going in the industry and with Interscope, 50 spits out his soul over a smooth but knocking track in which he explained that his next album might be his last.

*I Get Money

-Of course, this list needed 50's last true big hit on it. Summer 2007, 50 vs Kanye was the big story and 50 released two singles that really didn't get the people moving, but when this song dropped, 50 had him a monster HIT. Perfect summer anthem.

*Talking In Codes

-Released on his comeback mixtape "War Angel LP", 50 came out swinging with some fire over this Frank Dukes produced scorcher.

*Strong Enough

-His most slept on album "Before I Self Destruct" produced this gem, one of my favorite 50 songs as well. 50 spits some aggression over a hard knocking soulful beat, setting the record straight on all things that surrounded him.

*Do You Think About Me

-It is not often we see 50 show signs of vulnerability, but this song is one moment where it began to show. 50 talks about his exes and prior dating situations while wondering if he is still on their mind.

*The Funeral

-A bonus track on his 2014 Animal Ambition album, this was vintage 50 over a boom bap track as he spit about that good ol street shit that we love him for. Production here was provided by Jake One so you know it was that fire.

There are plenty of songs that didn't make the cut that were very close(What Up Gangsta, In My Hood, Crime Wave, 50 Bars, Good Die Young, etc) so be sure to join the conversation and let us know what you think are the best songs from 50.



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