Retrospective: BET Uncut

So, you may have heard a rumor.... BET Uncut is returning. Oddly enough, a channel that did away with classic shows such as Rap City, 106 and Park, etc.. is now bringing back BET Uncut. This is great news, considering the popularity of trap music today and the indie artist hustle, videos being featured on BET Uncut again could provide us with much more late night comedy, as well as boost BET ratings again. Now, whether or not this rumor truly comes to fruition remains to be seen, but the question would also be how lenient BET will be with the content. We are in a much different time than the original BET Uncut era, so the question I have to pose is, how far will BET allow the videos to go? Only time will tell.

Now, not familiar with BET Uncut? Let us take you on a small journey through some of the hilarious videos and moments that originated via BET Uncut. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane...

*Waxamillion- No Panties On The Dance Floor

-You can't kick off a BET Uncut list without this classic. The video speaks for itself, the song is hilarious and the simple lyrics of "I ain't got no panties on... On the dance floor...", along with "pull them panties off" never sounded so smooth.

*White Boy- Where The Party At

-First time I saw this video, I thought this nigga was Bizzy Bone. He obviously wasn't, though Bizzy made a few appearances on BET Uncut as well. This song was your standard early to mid 2000s party type of joint, with White Boy getting cussed out by his father in the beginning.

*Smilez and Southstar- Good Look

-Is there any list in the world complete without a Smilez and Southstar song(what happened to these niggas? If Chingy is trying to spark a comeback, I vote to bring this duo back as well.... I can always use more laughs)? This video is your standard BET Uncut video, lots of ladies backed by a pretty lackluster song.

*BlackMask- Shake Ya Thang Thang

-Not much to say. Just watch. Laugh. Repeat.

*T Da Pimp- All These Girlz

-Rapping over what sounds like a generic ass Trackmasters beat, T Da Pimp comes with that fire..... Or as close to fire as he ever would. T Da Pimp might still be making music today, but if not, he will always have this video etched in history. Forever.

*Crazy Al Cayne- T&A

-This video essentially represents the essence of what BET Uncut was all about. It is a classic, full of hilarity and over-exaggerated nonsense as needed. NUFF SAID.

*Joker The Bailsbondman- Ladies Coming Over

-If there was ever such a thing as a BET Uncut regular artist, look no further than Joker The Bailsbondman. This nigga was featured every week damn year. The pride of Alaska(didn't know niggas rapped in Alaska), he kept BET Uncut "buzzing" with his videos. This is one of his many.

*The Team Uncut- Time For Freakin

-If this isn't the most ignorant video I've ever watched, I have no idea what is. This is just.... Just... Man, just watch it.

*Mighty Casey- White Girls

-I remember the first time I saw this video. I was flabbergasted. This nigga was outside in the snow with a bunch of white cheerleaders rapping(mumbling) over a generic beat with the infectious(hilariously terrible) hook of "WHITEEEEE GIRLS..." while hitting some sort of two step. He also rapped the hilarious line, "Don't Tell Minister Farrakhan", as he awkwardly rapped into the camera off beat and looked spaced out. This is a complete classic. Everybody looks so uncomfortable here.

*Nelly- Tip Drill

-Now, come on. You knew this video was going to be here. In the midst of all the bootleg artists and videos, Nelly blessed with this glorious video full of ass and tittays(Rick James voice). The video isn't hilariously bad, ridiculous, or anything, it's just good ol' fashioned heaven in a 7 minute video.

*Black Jesus- What That Thang Smell Like

-You had to know this video was going to be here too. Rarely does a song and a video come along that remains iconic such as this one. From the opening lyrics of "I'm trying to kick it tonight.... So baby tell me what that thang smell like", it was obvious that Black Jesus specialized in poetry. They just had one question that they wanted answered and it was quite simple. Let it be known what the scent of that thang was, lovely ladies.

There were a lot of choices, we just narrowed it down as best we could here, with our top picks. Add on to this with your comments below or choices via social media.



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