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Technology's Evolution: Taking Over Our Lives

Today, we decided to explore the topic of technology, its evolution, the gift and the curse of it, and if it controls us. I am joined by the beautiful @CurlsAndSports in this topic. Take a read below.

Technology: since when did you start owning & grabbing us by the balls?

What can you not live without? 9 times out of 10, people usually respond by saying, "OMG, I can't live without my phone." That's how you know we're already fucking up as a society. Sure, you need your phone, but you really can't live without it? Do you remember the time when it was a struggle to call someone's house & you couldn't get through because they were on the Internet? Those were simpler times. Nowadays, it's rare to see someone without a smartphone. My parents recently got smartphones and it still bugs my mind to see them adapt and actually use Google. But alas, we're here to discuss a couple of topics: why you can't let go off technology & why does technology control us.

From children to adults, we keep seeing how technology has turned into the new ball and chain. Can adults ever really put their phones away? I think that's tested when you are out of the states and experience another country with their Wi-Fi conditions. In that moment, you can see that you're truly going hard to connect to the network and you get frustrated with how shitty the service is. Chances are you'll give up, but secretly, you'll keep trying because you really want to log on to your social media accounts. But this isn't just with cell phones; the same occurs with laptops and tablets. But I feel that people have an easier time letting go of their laptops/tablets than their cell phones. We've become so dependent on technology that letting go is almost equivalent to how our mothers gradually helped us let go of breastfeeding when we were kids.

It's a tough transition, but have you ever thought about why you can't put your phone down? Are we really that controlled by technology? Yes, yes we are. I've done this myself and it's amazing to actually not look at your phone and wonder if anyone texted you. No, your phone isn't buzzing; that's your imagination and this addiction that our society is facing needs to cut it out. Sure, some of us depend on it for work purposes, I know I do, but it's important to have separation from the devices. Letting go of technology is so important. There's a quote from the movie Easy A that I constantly refer to. Emma Stone's teacher said, "I don't know what your generation's fascination is with documenting your every thought... but I can assure you, they're not all diamonds." That quote is so true. Every single thing is shared. It's like some things aren't private or sacred anymore.

After all is said and done, we can't let go of technology and that's why it owns us. Look around you and really put things into perspective. Even parallel parking is made easier these days because of rear view cameras. We're so addicted to having it easy with all these innovative gadgets that we've created socially awkward personas because when we're around people, we can't even interact properly. When was the last time you wrote down anything with your hands versus typing it in your notepad? Is your phone interrupting your sleep? Chances are, it is. Put things in perspective and create new habits by choosing to put your phone or any other technology away. Think of how you take off a band-aid: right off!

Dig if you will, a picture..... Artificial Intelligence controlling the world. Controlling your mental. Controlling us. That is the path we are on. I don't mind the evolution of technology, but to an extent. It has all evolved. Years ago, I was playing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis as a kid, just enjoying the fun. Super Mario, NBA Jam, WWF games, etc..... I loved them. I never worried about the story, the graphics, times were simple. It was a game. Technology didn't have to mirror real life graphics for me to enjoy. I just enjoyed it for what it was. We had a simple house phone, a video game, a VCR, and a TV. Sure, technology was always very relevant, but everything was in moderation. I might read a book, might go outside and play, might go out, or just spend time with family. At this point, life was much more simple.

Fast forward, and most of the people I know have a Smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.... And without them, they would be lost. I was without a phone for 2 days last month after my smartphone died, and while it was annoying to not be connected, I used that time wisely. I think that in so many ways, technology has become a gift and a curse. The evolution of technology and the growth of how it affects your everyday life is no short of amazing. The evolution of phones, which just 10 years ago gave you a shitty flip phone, blurry screens and polyphonic ringtones. That was just 10 years ago. 10 years ago, where we had to use a desktop or carry our laptop everywhere just to use the internet and stay connected. Now, a smartphone gives you everything at the tip of your fingers, on the go, 24-7. The time you may have focused on doing something else productive or being social even, has been replaced by the person engulfed in their phone, playing games, texting, tweeting, Snapchatting, selfie-taking wherever they go. I personally enjoy having a smartphone give us access at all times, but I haven't let it get to me to the point where I'm anti-social at social events or that my life is controlled essentially by it. However, my thought process starts to wonder..... With technology evolving, how far is too far?

There was a commercial at one point about a RFID chip, essentially a microchip. I remember that they were going to become standard and implanted in us. Imagine that. A microchip implanted within a human. Like a barcode for humans. They even had microchips become mandatory for people in Wyoming, even drawing controversy for planting them in students without parents consent. It was supposed to be passed in legislation that those who received welfare and government assistance, or select employees who work for government have them as well. There was also a microchip that people would implant in their arm for medical records and apparently a smartphone chip that would allow people to navigate apps and such via their own skin.

While some of these things have been put on the backburner(translation: worked on quietly), it leads me to wonder: is technology evolving too far? Our privacy has been shattered by technology, as everything we post or any info we input is stored within. As much as technology evolves, there are still humans with the intelligence to hack, break down systems, and control it, but could that change? Reports say Artificial Intelligence becoming more dominant is a real thing and that begs the question: Do we need to cut back or even disconnect ourselves from technology? Have our brains become too controlled by it that one day we will be overtaken by what we created? Is that the next evolution?

I know some of this will seem far-fetched and while I took a different approach than Erika somewhat, I think this is a very relevant discussion. We are slowly letting technology control us and this could end up as our curse in the future. 10 years ago, technology was nowhere near as advanced as it is now. What will it look like 10 years from now and how will it have an effect on our everyday life? One can only wonder....


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