The Top 5 Albums of 2015(So Far)

Now, I'm sure you will see other lists similar to this. This is a topic that will have plenty responses and different sets of lists made. Looking beyond just hip hop, I wanted to look at all the albums released so far this year and rank my top 5 here. Some albums just missed the cut, such as Lupe's "Tetuso and Youth", Dan Deacon's album, Bjork's album, and a few others as well. The list was very tough to place in order, so if you have any different choices, let us know. Be sure to support and listen these albums below. Let's get started.

5. HS- Upper Echelon

-Sure... I know what you're thinking. How can you put your own duo album on the list? Well it's not on the list just because of that. I've made lists before and didn't include any of my work, but this year, I truly feel like this HS album is one of the best this year. From the intro "Two Shades Deep" to the smooth and reflective "Reset", myself and Apollo brought you some of the best music heard not only today, but in years. Make sure to take a listen and buy a copy.

Standout Songs: No Way, Reset, Pure Cashmere, Upper Echelon, End Of The Road, Circa 94, Seize The Moment, and The Glow

4. Bilal- In Another Life

-Bilal is one of my favorite artists and he usually never disappoints. This album was no different, as Bilal maintained his consistency with a great mix of soulful and funk sound on this project. Backed by amazing live instrumentation the entire album, Bilal seems comfortable and at home here. I debated putting Miguel's album on this list, but after additional listens of this Bilal album, it was no doubt in my mind that this should make the list.

Standout Songs: Holding It Back, Spiraling, Love Child, I Really Don't Care, Bury Me Next To You, and Satellites.

3. A$AP Rocky- At. Long. Last. A$AP

-I have never been a big fan of ASAP or his crew. I had heard a few songs of his that I enjoyed but nothing substantial to me. With that being said, I ended up listening to this album shortly after its release and was pleasantly surprised. I thought to myself, "damn, this is a good album", before eventually crowning it one of the best this year easily. Cohesiveness, production, style, and even lyrically somewhat, this album shines bright in just about every aspect. After the pain from losing A$AP Yams, Rocky returns with a vengeance and provides us with one of the best albums today.

Standout Songs: Holy Ghost, Canal St, Electric Body, Jukebox Joints, Max B, Pharsyde, M'$ and Everyday.

2. Tuxedo- Tuxedo

-I have not seen this album on enough lists or shown enough love by blogs and websites. This album, a combination of the talents of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One, delivers on all levels. I would consider it one of those instant classic albums. Taking it back to the days of smooth funk, Mayer sings at his most laid back and smoothest, while Jake One provides the funky backdrop. Mayer shines brightest here, but I'm anxiously awaiting the already rumored 2nd Tuxedo album, which is underway. More greatness to come. However, enjoying this amazing album until the next episode.

Standout Songs: R U Ready, Lost Lover, Watch The Dance, So Good, Do It, Number One, Get U Home and Two Wrongs.

1. Kendrick Lamar- To Pimp A Butterfly

-I've seen this album be praised, hated, overrated, etc..... But it's the best album of the year and I can't see too many people giving it a run for its money. It isn't one of the greatest albums of all time, not even close, but what Kendrick does on this album is promote love, self-love, understanding, growth and so much more all within a theme/concept album. Kendrick is at his best lyrically and the production here is completely flawless. Mixed boom bap with funk and soul lead the way for this album and Kendrick does his job on this project. An instant classic, which I don't normally say, but that's how great it is.

Standout Songs: Momma, U, I, Alright, You Ain't Gotta Lie, Wesley's Theory, These Walls and Mortal Man.

What are you top 5? Leave comments below.



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