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The Underrated: The Foreign Exchange- Leave It All Behind

1. Daykeeper
2. Take Off The Blues
3. All Or Nothing/Coming Home To You
4. I Wanna Know
5. House of Cards
6. Sweeter Than You
7. Valediction 
8. If She Breaks Your Heart
9. If This Is Love
10. Something To Behold
11. Leave It All Behind

Phonte is one of the best MCs of the 2000s hands down. He is definitely my favorite MC since the 2000s began along with Blu, as he released classic albums with Big Pooh in Little Brother. When he worked on the first Foreign Exchange album with Nicolay, the amazing "Connected", it was obvious they had something special.

After a 4 year period, they returned with their second album, which I believe is a classic personally, "Leave It All Behind". From the opening sounds of "Daykeeper", the album takes you on a musical journey full of emotional complexity and melodic bliss. The jazzy "Take Off The Blues" sounds like it was meant for a 25 and over lounge where your two step is welcome and fine wine is sipped. That may have been an exaggeration, but the song is beyond smooth. The honest "All or Nothing/Coming Home" features a rap verse from Phonte, backed by great vocals that lets his lady know that just because they argue or have issues, that has no bearing on their relationship or future.

The sounds of "Valediction" ring true as Phonte sings to his woman that their time is coming to an end. The song is essentially very powerful and is one of my favorite songs on this whole album. The lyrics, the melody, even the sadness behind it was relatable. That's the beauty of this album essentially. It features so many emotional complexities along with relatable feelings and lyrics. That is the greatness of Foreign Exchange and what they bring to the table.

As the album nears the close, one of my favorite songs "Something to Behold" gloriously reigns. The title track is the final song here and as the album finished, I had a hard time finding any weak track here. Some songs I play more than others, but this album, much like the first one, was damn near flawless. Check out all of The Foreign Exchange's albums on iTunes, Spotify, or on their own website even. Support great music.

Standout Songs: Daykeeper, Something To Behold, Valediction, If This Is Love, Take Off The Blues, All Or Nothing/Coming Home. 


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