The Underrated: Ginuwine's 100% Ginuwine

1. Little Kidz
2. Little Man's Bangin Lude
3. What's So Different
4. So Anxious
5. None of Your Friends Benefits/Interlude
6. Wait A Minute
7. I Know
8. Do You Remember/Interlude
9. No. 1 Fan
10. Final Warning/Interlude featuring Aaliyah 
11. I'm Crying Out
12. Two Sides To A Story
13. Same Ol' G
14. All Nite All Day/Interlude
15. Toe 2 Toe
16. She's Out Of My Life

I know what you're thinking. Underrated? Yes, this album is. When thinking of the best R&B albums to come out in the 90s, this album does not get enough credit. Ginuwine was at his absolute best here, mixing a style of ballads, upbeat tracks and even a bit of street sense. The album went double platinum and burned up the charts, catapulting Ginuwine even higher than he was before.

Ginuwine had quite a few hits off this album, most notably "So Anxious", which is a song on numerous late night playlists, still. His anthem "Same Ol' G", spoke on remaining yourself despite the fame and money coming in, while exploring the groupies and the concept of their adulation on "No. 1 Fan". He tackled issues in relationships with the almost paranoid "What's So Different", as he ponders how this new situation will be different than what he experienced before, then tells his lady to keep her friends out of their relationship on "None of Your Friends' Business".

Aside from those singles and radio hits, Ginuwine connected on all levels, and the Aaliyah assisted "Final Warning" is equally dope and hilarious, proving he can add small elements of humor(perhaps unintentionally) to his music. One of my favorite songs here is "All Nite All Day", which is a laid back smooth ballad of sorts, perfect for the bedroom as well. The only song that is a bit off here is "Toe 2 Toe", which is almost an R&B diss song with shots assumedly directed at Sisqo and Usher. Hilarious and entertaining, the song sounded slightly out of place, but still managed to work under the concept that this album is purely Ginuwine. From his bedroom ballads to aggressive songs, this album represents R&B in the late 90s almost more than any other album from that whole time period. A classic with no doubt, 100% Ginuwine is an album everyone needs to have in their collection.

Standout Songs: None Of Your Friends Business, No. 1 Fan, All Nite All Day, Wait A Minute, Do You Remember, So Anxious, Final Warning, and Same Ol' G



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