The Underrated: KRIT Wuz Here

By Speed on the Beat (@speedonthebeat)

There have been few projects over the past five years that have longevity reaching past a year at the most. 2010's KRIT Wuz Here introduced the masses, mostly, to Big K.R.I.T. and, arguably, is one of those projects one could consider classic.

At first glance, one may've dismissed the project as UGK-esque, due to its reliance on soul samples, trunk-rattling beats, and a swagger that had added legit weight to that term. With smoothness straight out of Superfly and a story mostly anyone could relate to (a young man who's made mistakes, but is redeeming himself and etching his mark into history), KWH distanced itself from its contemporaries and set up the overarching Cadillactica mythos present in K.R.I.T's discography thus far. It was the first project where K.R.I.T. wasn't (just) spitting to spit; he had more than something to say. Even though, his spitting was on point, too.

One song which always sticks out to me is "Hometown Hero." Utilizing a Friday Night Lights clip ("what I got is God-given") and a flip of Adele's "Hometown Glory," we're given a rundown of who K.R.I.T. is, why we should care and the potential he has. Couple that with tracks such as "Children of the World," "Something," "Country Shit," and...well, just about every track off this mixtape/album (back before everyone was doing that sort of thing), and you've got a project that still doesn't get its just due.

Now, I'll admit to bias, since I've always found Big K.R.I.T. to be criminally underrated. And I will admit: it's not completely flawless, as some mixes are lower than others, K.R.I.T. still sounds like he's figuring out his story, and his production, since he "produced and mixed his own shit," was somewhat limiting in the sense that a good portion of it was soul flips over body-shaking bass. But, that rawness, that "I will make iy by my own rules" disposition, is what makes this collection worth any praise it's received any is the perfect introduction to one of the highlights of rap right now.


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