The Underrated: Musiq Soulchild's Luvanmusiq

1. B.U.D.D.Y. 
2. Ms. Philadelphia
3. TeachMe
4. Better Man
5. Thequestions
6. Today
7. Makeyouhappy
8. Ridiculous
9. Millionaire
10. Takeyouthere
11. Lullaby
12. greatestlove

March 13, 2007, Musiq Soulchild released his 4th album titled "Luvanmusiq", which was his first release via his new contract with Atlantic Records. Musiq and Fabolous reported were involved in some sort of label trade, as Musiq was sent from Def Jam to Atlantic, as Fab was sent from Atlantic to Def Jam. Somewhat confusing, but nonetheless after his boring "SoulStar" album, Musiq came back swinging and delivered a near classic album. The album hit no. 1 on the charts, moving nearly 150,000 copies and going gold in a declining industry climate.

From the catchy "B.U.D.D.Y." single, which was the album's actual first single, to the amazing "greatestlove" album closer(my personal favorite Musiq song), this album delivers. Musiq seems extremely comfortable on this album, vocally and songwriting wise. He floats over the sampled track for "B.U.D.D.Y.", and is able to speak to his woman honestly on "Teachme", where he asks his lady to work with him through his issues and help him learn how to love. Musiq has a way with these type of songs in the vein of "Love", "Dontchange" and other ballads, but "Teachme" possesses a rawness and emotional complexity unseen before.

The album honestly reaches the apex as it nears the end, as "Millionaire", "takeyouthere", "lullaby", and "greatestlove" are amazing songs all in succession, and ends the album off perfectly. "lullaby" is a very smooth song and a panty dropper without a doubt, and "greatestlove" sounds like a great song to play for your lady to help let her know what you think.

All in all, this album was great, and should be mentioned as one of the best albums(R&B wise) in the 2000s. It is my personal favorite Musiq Soulchild album. If you don't remember it, revisit via Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal(all 63 of you) or any music service and enjoy the greatness.



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