The Underrated: Mystikal

By @AxelWorld4Ever

Mostly known mainstream wise for "Shake Ya Ass", "Bouncin' Back", "Danger" and his guest verses on "Make Em Say Ugh" and "Move Bitch", Mystikal has one of the most slept on careers and catalogs in hip hop history. On various sites, I've seen Mystikal called a 1 hit wonder despite having 5 albums that charted gold or better, seen him be called "an angry guy with no lyrics", and all types of various slander for his off the mic issues. Today, we're about to highlight the various topics he touched on throughout his career and display to a lot of uninformed people that Mystikal was extremely versatile with his lyrics and should be revered higher when it comes to all time southern greats. Let's take a look at some of his slept on songs below:

1. Ghetto Child feat Master P and Silkk The Shocker (Unpredictable)

-One of the first conscious songs from Mystikal, as he is just talking about the frustration of growing up as a frustrated ghetto youth.  Mystikal described this with a great amount of imagery and shows he can speak from any angle.

2. Shine (Unpredictable)

-Mystikal's first song dedicated to his sister, who was murdered by her boyfriend in New Orleans the year before when he dropped his debut Mind of Mystikal album(she sung the hook on Not That Nigga). Mystikal, in his own unique style, explained how close knit his family was and the dynamics between brother and sister coming up. Definitely the most underrated song of his career IMO.

3.Whatcha Think(I'm Bout It Soundtrack)

-Ironically, this was the fifst song that Mystikal officially did with No Limit. He was still under contract with fellow New Orleans label Big Boy records and Mystikal dropped this song for the "I'm Bout It" Soundtrack and was instantly signed. One of his more lyrical cuts for the people who think Mystikal just yells and doesnt say anything,  this track disputes that with lines like "here to tell it, stomp through muthafuckas like elephants/ swing on you bitches like apes, fly by you bitches like pelicans/ playa haters are of no relevance/ im striving off intelligence/ and changing like them elements/". Mystikal went hard on this KLC beat and this track is criminally slept on.

4. Back from the River(Officially Unreleased)

-This was a response to the classic diss track from UNLV, "Drag Em N The River". The song is actually unreleased, because it only played 2 times on the radio, then Yella Boy from UNLV was murdered and Mystikal pulled the song from the radio(radio version is the only one available). "Hope yo seatbelt get fastened/ Known for massive harassing/ Throat slashing/ smashing/ slam crashing/ I'm ya deadly assassin/" hit hard for those "Mystikal aint lyrical" skeptics. You can just check that 2nd verse out if you doubt him, because he snapped on this track.

5. Dick on the Track (Unpredictable)

-The title is deceptive as fuck, but Mystikal painted his love for music as approaching a female and making love to her. "I'm having sexual intercourse/ with the chorus screaming hot vocals, got your adlibs gettin' hoarse/ sweating the whole session, your circuits burnt, She said, baby, don't beat it down no more/ It's just the second verse" is the best way to describe how this song goes, and it was creative as hell.

6. Ain't Gonna See Tomorrow ( Let's Get Ready)

-Another conscious track, as Mystikal touches on domestic violence, his brother almost dying in a car accident and putting trust in God so things can improve for you.

Mystikal, despite his successful albums, doesn't get the credit he deserves as the jail stint after a Grammy nomination hurt his image somewhat. However, Mystikal has so many slept on gems as you can see in this article. Mind of Mystikal, Unpredictable, Ghetto Fabulous, and Lets Get Ready are all classic albums to me, and in my opinion, Mystikal is easily top 10 all time in the South.



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