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URL: Redemption Preview

After having an extremely successful N.O.M.E. 5 event, URL is back at it with the first of two events, Redemption on July 25th. Looking more like a Rookies vs Vets 2 card than anything, Redemption features some interesting battles, including a 2 on 2 battle that will be pretty tough to call. Let's look at the battles and see who could come out the victor, as well as how evenly matched they are.

K-Shine and DNA vs Steams and Chess

-I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of Steams. I enjoyed his recent battle with Xcel, and have enjoyed some of his other battlesm, but I don't consider him one of the best up and comers. However, his partner Chess does hold that title to me and I see Chess and Steams working very well together in this dynamic. Despite that, I will tip the advantage to Shine and DNA. Both seasoned veterans separately and already racking up 2 on 2 victories or debatables, the edge has to go to those two. When focused, they could 3-0 Steams and Chess, but I'll just edge this to DNA and Shine, with Steams and Chess winning the 2nd round.

WINNER: K-Shine and DNA(2-1)

Chilla Jones vs Prep

-This has potential to be the battle of the night. Prep has shown that he can hang on the big stage going toe to toe with John John Da Don, but a focused Chilla is hard to beat. Prep will do his best to make it debatable, and he will likely take the 1st round barely, but Chilla wins this one for me.

WINNER: Chilla Jones(2-1)

T-Rex vs Danny Myers

-I know, I know... The 12k battle. I have no doubt in my mind that Danny Myers will win this one and it will be decisive. Rex is extremely overrated to me, and with his recent losses as well as his murder at the hands of Charlie Clips, I see Danny coming with his best shit and getting a clear 3-0 here.

WINNER: Danny Myers(3-0)

T-Top vs Shotgun Suge

-This is a battle I am very interested in seeing. I've never been a huge fan of Suge but coming off solid performances recently, this could be a great matchup. Suge seems to be comfortable on the stage again and is in top form, but I don't know if that is enough for him to beat T-Top. Top is at his hungriest, and has worked his way up to get here to this point and his bars are on a bit higher level than Suge's. Could go 3-0 with Top edging it, but I'll lean to 2-1, with Suge making the 2nd round at least debatable.

WINNER: T-Top(2-1)

DOT vs Bill Collector

-There's always a matchup I don't care about at all on an URL card and we've found it here. DOT is hilarious and does the usual of course, but bar wise, he's not in a high class. Same goes for Bill Collector, who has plenty of skill, but wouldn't be considered one of the best. I have Dot sneaking away with this one, only because I think Bill will choke in his 2nd or 3rd round.

WINNER: Dot(2-1)

Tay Roc vs Brizz Rawsteen

-This is the most interesting battle of the night because of how similar these two are. While Roc is more of a gun bar MC and Brizz is more dark imagery, both get by due to delivery and aggression. Roc, who I personally think is overrated by URL fans, is still one of the top guys in the league and a win for Brizz could take him to the next level. I think Roc and Brizz will be a debatable either way. Impossible to pick a winner here. Could be 2-1 either way.

WINNER: Debatable

So there you have it, a look at this upcoming card. Let's keep the momentum going into Summer Madness 5 and see what URL has in store for the rest of the year. They are on fire.


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