Classic Battles: Aye Verb vs Young Miles(Midwest Miles)

By @MDizzle9000

It's time to revisit another classic battle. Aye Verb vs Young Miles is one of my favorite battles from the early URL era. Regardless of questions regarding Verbs consistency now, or Miles status as a punching bag for legends, both emcees were at their best when they faced off against each other in 2010. 3 strong rounds of lyricism and wit from both opponents makes this one of the most memorable battles of all time. 

Miles starts the battle off strong with solid bars. "I make this average bitch look great on camera, like photoshop", and continues his attack on the fellow Midwest bred rapper. Verb quickly makes the Detroit vs St. Louis match up interesting with his trademark flow and wordplay, seemingly swaying the crowd in his favor. The 2nd round shows Aye Verb taking shots at future opponents including the now infamous Charlie Clips/Charlie horse bar, and one of his many shots at Goodz, who he battled fairly recently(considering this battle is about 5 years old) at URLs Night of Main Events 4. Miles speaks on Verb's lack of noteworthy opponents at the time, but doesn't do enough to look like a true veteran in this round. 

The 3rd round of the battle is easily the most entertaining, and brings out the best angles from both emcees. Miles brings back the aggressive bars and even rebuttals one of Verb's cracks about him not being "marketable". Aye Verb, with a chip on his shoulder, downs Miles style, flips an angle Loaded Lux used in his battle vs Miles, and finishes the battle in vintage Showtime style before him saying Showtime was a thing. "How can you be the head of the Midwest with no neck" and a barrage of bars that made the decision obvious. Both rappers used hard hitting bars along with some comedic story telling that has been lost in the modern era of today's "PG's" and so called top tiers. Don't just read this review, watch the battle and see for yourself where these styles come from.



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