DAR Roundtable: Best Standup Comedians

Standup comedy is one of the greatest forms of expression. To tell your story, tell the truth, even get political to an extent, there is much to be said about the therapeutic essence of standup comedy. Today, we wanted to talk about our favorite standup comedians and why they are vital.
Without further adieu...


*Mike Epps

-First became hip to the brother after Next Friday with Cube. The funniest character in the film and ever since I've been a huge fan of the brother.

*Dave Chappelle

-Of course I had to put the hometown boy on the list. Definitely a big part of my childhood with the classic Chappelle's Show with skits like the Racial Draft and Rick James. Also liked his role in Undercover Brother.

*Redd Foxx

-The master of using body language and facial expressions to bring laughter to many. RIP.

*DeRay Davis

-The brother is naturally funny! One of the few comedians whose stand up I actually look forward to all the time. Definitely love his work on Wild N Out as well.

*Bernie Mac

-Just like Chappelle, Mac had a show that was a big part of my childhood. His comedy seemed to always interest me because it was a great balance of being calm, but also having the ability to snap into anger so quick. RIP to the man.


*Richard Pryor

-The pioneer. The legend. The GOAT. Nuff said.

*Dave Chappelle

-His standup comedy along with his show lands him here.

*Eddie Murphy

-Another legendary figure as well. Classic standups. Huge movie career

*Chris Rock

-Pushing the envelope with thought provoking comedy always, even in his films.


-A surprise choice to some, but I have always found her standup hilarious.


*Eddie Murphy

-The God. The legendary one. Still hilarious despite his movies taking a fall.

*Chris Tucker

-Always thought Chris was hilarious and criminally slept on. He belongs on this list.

*Mike Epps

-Over the top, honest, but always hilarious. Definitely one of my favorites.

*Martin Lawrence

-He starred in the greatest show of all time, but also had an amazing standup run.

*Bernie Mac

-The legendary Bernie Mac. May he rest in peace. Hilarious, iconic, and a legend.


*Pablo Francisco

-Great brand of sarcastic comedy. Much different than the norm.

*Eddie Murphy

-It's almost impossible to talk standup comedians and not mention Eddie right? He belongs on mostly everyone's list.

*Dave Chappelle

-Iconic comedy, intelligent, and also very sarcastic. Great comedian. Timeless.

*Robin Williams

-Rest in Peace to this legendary comedian who never failed to make me laugh.

*Jerry Seinfeld

-I love Seinfeld and his style of comedy. As you have seen, sarcastic comedy appeals to me more than slapstick style.


*Eddie Murphy

-Hands down the greatest to me. His brash comedy, hilarious laugh, his delivery, comedic timing, Eddie is the GOAT.

*Richard Pryor

-The pioneer for all the comics we have seen in this last generation. Has to be included.

*Dave Chappelle

-Smart comedy, intelligent and precise delivery, thought provoking while being downright ridiculous. Legendary.

*Bernie Mac 

-One of my all time favorites, Bernie could do no wrong. No matter what he did, he was always on point regardless and hilarious. RIP

*Chris Rock

-I gave this to Chris Rock after much thought. I'm not extremely picky on standup comedy, and while I debated putting Martin, Redd Foxx, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, and even wanting to mention some of the guys like Jamie Foxx, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart(no hate here, I think the dude is hilarious), and Eddie Griffin, I had to go with Chris. A smart comic, with political undertones, racism talk, and everything in between.

Who are your favorite standup comedians? Let us know below in the comments.



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