DAR Roundtable: Best Voices In Hip Hop

Your voice is an instrument itself. The way you enunciate, speak, flow, and deliver are also important, but your voice has to be dope to an extent to draw in listeners. That's not just with music, think about talk radio: listeners tune in to hear you talk, and I would assume that your voice has a lot to do with them paying attention. Today, we wanted to look at the dopest voices in hip hop. Let's get into it.



-Perhaps the most sampled living hip hop artist to my knowledge. Hollywood P has that raspy tone that makes him stand out from jump. He had that gritty poet voice for real which is a perfect complement to Havoc and Alchemist production. Note that when he was younger, is when he was sampled by other artists. Still one of my favorite rappers of all time, even though he took many losses in his career.


-The King. The GOAT. No, I'm not putting Big and Pac on this list, because honestly, they are so immortalized that they don't need to be discussed all the time. The man who also gets sampled heavily by his peers. His flow and nasal tone spews some of the greatest lyrics ever delivered.


-Yes, you bastards, this ain't no  New York list either. The boy has one of the most unique voices ever heard. Whether you like him or not, he is truly in his own lane. He sounds like a drug induced witch doctor haha. Especially when he turns up haha. Though it's laden with autotune mostly, it just adds to his already creaky falsetto, which is already dope.


-The man is a staple of music for 20 years and he's still churning out hits. His voice has that versatility and unique melody to it. He can range high on some songs, but he usually stays mellow. His voice is perfect over those crisp Neptunes backdrops.

*Ghostface Killah

-The all around best member of Wu, IMO. His voice is so high for him to talk as much shit as he does, but that's the funny thing about it. His barrage of lyrics on top of that makes him stand out always. Ghost got that true throwback NY accent that has graced tons of classic material.

I have two voices for this topic.

*Ghostface Killah

-Ghostface's voice brings more depth and grittiness to his stories being told. His energy is shown through the flow of his voice. All Wu Tang members have their own signature style and voice but you can always tell when Ghost is on a track. His presence and the way his voice switches up creates compelling verses and lasting images for the listener.


-I heard RBX on "Remember Me?" with Em and Sticky Fingaz. His voice stood out the most to me because it was chaotic yet to the point. I really feel like he has one of the most original and underrated voices in the rap game.



-When I was growing up, DMX was the rapper I wanted to sound like. I mean, he always sounded like he was about to rip everyone apart literally and lyrically. I guess it was the growls. But even when he did his "DMX sing song" thing, it was still "gangsta" enough to make you feel real thug tears.

*Del the Funky Homosapien

-I got introduced to the guy who is also Ice Cube's cousin on the Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX soundtrack. The song was "Positive Contact" and his manipulation of syllables brought me in instantly. Go listen to that song. Twice. Then go listen to most of the artists out now. Yeah...and that's just him on his "Deltron 3030" tip.

*Big K.R.I.T.

-The man embodies some holy middle ground between Pimp C, Tupac, Andre, and Kendrick Lamar. He'll rip you lyrically on one track, then kidnap ya chick on another, then school her on the errors of this world in a third, before he goes in for the kill atop Mt. Olympus.

*Tech N9ne

-I was going to say Immortal Technique here. But, then I replayed "Dancing with the Devil." A great track, and one of his signatures. However, his voice is...eh. Tech, however, just fucking snaps every track he spits on. He has a voice that transcends genres, especially since his later stuff has bordered on psychedelic alt-rap-rock.


-The man who has influenced a generation to mock everyone they can with about ten different voices. Yeah. Em, regardless of his lyrical content and all, he's got a legit voice for this rapping shit.



-The nasal tone is part of what makes him what he is. He's the GOAT to me and his voice adds to his greatness without a doubt.

*Andre 3000

-I feel like his voice makes his style that much doper because it has a boom bap flare to it as is.

*Pimp C

-Doesn't even need much of an explanation. His southern drawl made his verses more entertaining.

*50 Cent

-Part of the reason why 50 got so big was because of his voice to an extent. The flow was definitely a big proponent of his success but his voice(especially after being shot) was also a big deal on it.

*Ghostface Killah

-I think Apollo said it best. Ghost reminds of you the old school NY and the aggression behind his voice is what makes him that much better.

What about you? What are your choices for the best voices in hip hop? Tell us below in the comments.



  1. U God from wu tang has a very good voice also Scarface(someday)


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