DAR Roundtable: Jodeci's Forever My Lady vs Diary Of A Mad Band

Forever My Lady

1. Stay
2. Come & Talk To Me
3. Forever My Lady
4. I'm Still Waiting
5. U and I
6. Interlude
7. My Phone
8. Gotta Love
9. Play Thang 
10. It's Alright
11. Treat U
12. X's We Share
13. Cherish


Diary Of A Mad Band

1. My Heart Belongs To U
2. Cry For You 
3. Feenin'
4. What About Us
5. Ride and Slide
6. Alone
7. You Got It
8. Won't Waste You
9. In The Meanwhile
10. Gimme All You Got
11. Sweaty
12. Jodecidal Hotline
13. Success

The greatest R&B group of the 90s to me, Jodeci has a great yet short catalog. Their first two albums are both classics and you know how we do here at the DAR site, so let's get right into it.

Now, come on True! Doing this is like asking me to pick between my kids, since I love both these albums equally and have watched them grow up and mature and get better with age. However, thankfully, they aren't my kids. So, let's get into it.

Forever My Lady, it's an album that means so much to me (reference intended). In high school, during that retro revisitation that people were doing, Jodeci got a lot of play whenever I was around. I almost got the girl off of the strength of performing a karaoke version of "FML" with a bit of "Come and Talk to Me" mixed in. But, perhaps luckily for me, it didn't work out that way. But, I digress. The album is a classic. But...there's something missing from it. It still felt too...clean. It felt, even at its freakiest moments, like a PG-13 version of Boyz II Men. I love it and it holds a special place for me. But...

Diary of a Mad Band got the panties WET. And yes, that's meant to be read in a Juicy J voice. Seriously. Try singing Feenin' to a young lady, and actually sing it well. Things will happen and you will be having a baby born, healthy and strong. It also set us up for songs like Freek'n You from their next album. So, without this progression, the "bad boys of R&B" would possibly be another footnote in history. But, they got mad and it was good. I have to go with Diary Of A Mad Band.

Forever My Lady hands down. This album is an undisputed classic for all of R&B and not to mention it also signaled the beginning of "hip hop soul". The first half of the album is just FLAWLESS. The thing I've always loved about Jodeci was that they painted relationships and love for exactly what it is: raw and downright ugly at times, but also very beautiful. Come & Talk to Me is a personal favorite because it echoes everything about me when it comes to approaching women, especially since my pick up game is honestly trash lol. And the title track? GAWD. The beginning of it just gets you hooked instantly. All around a beautiful track. Diary of a Mad Band is a classic album as well, but for me it just wasn't as strong as Forever My Lady, as the second half of the former is filled with not bad, but songs that I simply could care less about. So Forever My Lady takes the cake.

Forever My Lady. Forever. Personally, I choose this over Diary Of A Mad Band. To me, it sounds more R&B influenced than Diary Of A Mad Band. I could do without the X's We Share song, but besides that there's not a lot of skips in this album. You hear a lot of the range Jodeci has and they put it to good use on the slower Forever My Lady, or the higher paced dance hit, My Phone. That's what I want to hear, K-Ci go off and use what he's blessed with. For a debut album it's great and has endless replay value.

Diary of a Mad Band has some of their classics like My Heart Belongs To You and Cry For You. While I skip less tracks here, the sound changed up from that R&B that became your diet when you're fresh out of a breakup, along with your tears to Jodeci with a hip hop twist. To me, I didn't like it that much, but that doesn't mean it didn't work. They gave us endless hits on this one and great tracks with soulful samples. It also doesn't mean K-Ci didn't give us his whole range here, but I feel like he relied less upon it, and I'm all for artists progressing and it's an interesting progression. But I have to stick with Forever My Lady.

Forever My Lady. No doubt. Jodeci really kicked down the door with that great album. One of those introductions into the R&B game that will stand the test of time. Forever My Lady felt like one of those classic rap debuts. No skips, every song was fire, even had an interlude. I loved that sense of blending the "starving artist" (since this was their debut) and almost veteran sound of the project. I will admit that I enjoyed the first half of the album more than the second half. From Stay to U and I, just straight up greatness. The second half was more Hip-Hop-eqsue, but I didn't have a problem with that. Added a different flavor to the album. Now see, Diary tried a Sunkist formula but the songs just weren't better than the songs Forever had.

Jodeci is personally my all time favorite R&B group ever. I used to listen to both of these albums faithfully, and I would be lying if I said I didn't listen to them a lot still.

Forever My Lady is a classic. Diary Of A Mad Band is a classic. Choosing between these two is completely tough, and despite people thinking Forever My Lady is easily better, I slightly lean towards Diary Of A Mad Band as a more cohesive album. Diary Of A Mad Band is a bit more hip hop influenced, but that's the essence of Jodeci's allure. The evolution from New Jack Swing to a more rugged style, and that album is the result. Classics like "My Heart Belongs To U", "What About Us", "Cry For You", "Feenin", and the slept on "Sweaty" are all amazing songs and some of my favorite 90s R&B songs. On the flip side, "Stay", "Come & Talk To Me", "I'm Still Waiting", the title track, and "U and I" make for a very convincing argument for Forever My Lady, but the 2nd half of that album is just a bit weaker than the 2nd half of Diary Of A Mad Band. So, I give the slight edge to Diary Of A Mad Band. But both are undeniable classics.

What do you think? Let us know below in the comments with your opinion.



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