DAR Sports: AFC and NFC East Predictions

We have arrived at our final set of predictions for the NFL season. The AFC and NFC East. This is the one most people were waiting for. Let's get started.


-I'll keep this short and sweet. The Patriots will take the division.

New England Patriots 12-4(division winner) 
Miami Dolphins 9-7
Buffalo Bills 9-7
New York Jets 8-8

I said back in the spring that the AFC East might be the best division this season. Yeah, the Patriots have a strong chance to win the division once again. The Bills and Jets have made some major and minor offseason moves that makes things a little more interesting. The Dolphins seem to be building a solid team around the underrated Ryan Tannehill and with the addition of Suh, they could be trouble.

1.) Patriots, 12-4
2.) Bills, 11-5
3.) Jets, 10-6
4.) Dolphins, 9-7


1.) Bills, 11-5
2.) Dolphins, 10-6
3.) Patriots, 10-6
4.) Jets, 8-8

AFC wise...as much as I hate them. The Pats will win it. That's just the long and short of it.

New England Patriots 10-6
New York Jets: 6-10
Buffalo Bills: 8-8
Miami Dolphins: 9-7


*New England Patriots(11-5)
-The Patriots will once again will the division. No huge shock there I guess, but they won't go too far in the playoffs this year.

*New York Jets(6-10)
-Jets have made some changes but it won't be enough.

*Buffalo Bills(8-8)
-The Bills could be a surprise this year. I have them going 8-8, but they could surprise us.

*Miami Dolphins(9-7)
-Dolphins are going to do well this year and possibly contend for a wild card spot.


The NFC, however, is a bit trickier. Everyone seems to be a loon. The Redskins are fragile and RGIII is delusional. I see a 6-10 finish. The Eagles are...inventive. I mean, Tebow is possibly going to be a legit factor for the team. But, Chip Kelly is kind of a mad genius. I think they'll get to an 8-8 finish. The Giants will win the division, though with a 10-6 finish. The only reason they'll win is because they'll beat the Cowboys in a tiebreaker game. The Boys will finish 9-7.

Washington Redskins: 6-10
Dallas Cowboys: 9-7
Philadelphia Eagles: 8-8
New York Giants: 10-6

The NFC East is the most interesting division in the NFL in my opinion. I believe it'll be really competitive this year. Cowboys and Eagles will of course be looking to take control of the division. While Giants and Redskins either try to keep up OR shock the NFL world and be the ones competitive for the top of the division. It'll be interesting to see how Dallas handles things with the leading rusher from last season. To see Chip Kelly's system become a success or failure. Maybe RG3 will finally STEP UP. Really unpredictable this season, but I have to make predictions.....sooo

1.) Cowboys, 11-5
2.) Eagles, 10-6
3.) Giants, 10-6
4.) Redskins, 9-7


1.) Giants, 10-6
2.) Eagles, 9-7
3.) Cowboys, 7-9
4.) Redskins, 5-11

-I trust Chip Kelly and his process. I think the Eagles will barely win the division, but the Cowboys will likely get a wild card slot.

Dallas Cowboys 11-5 
Washington Redskins- 4-12
New York Giants- 10-6
Philadelphia Eagles 11-5(division winner)


*Dallas Cowboys(10-6)
-I see the Cowboys getting the wild card slot this year, but not winning the division.

*New York Giants(11-5)
-I feel like this could be the year for the Giants They will win the division. Eli in the playoffs is an animal as well, so we shall see.

*Philadelphia Eagles(8-8)
-I don't have faith in Chip Kelly, nor do I see the Eagles as a huge factor this year. They will go 8-8.

*Washington Redskins(5-11)
-The Redskins can't seem to get it right. RG3 is hurt, the team is definitely fragile and this season will be yet another losing one.

What are your AFC and NFC East Predictions? Post them below in the comments section.



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